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L28 front cover


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13 hours ago, ennisdavis said:

I have worked on engines for over 40 years and have never seen such a bad design.

Worked on engines?  i'm sorry but you polished engines or so?:ph34r:  Well you ask a LOT of questions that are simple to answer for someone that worked for 40 years on engines? What you have there is a bolt without it's head... some guy... must have taken it right off!  

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21 hours ago, ennisdavis said:

Thats the point to me posting the picture. The head broke off because the bolt is thinner then a pencil. As long as one too. And thats not a bad design?

Not sure why you are trying to redesign the L motor . Take any other engine of its era and will see it’s a superior design . Properly maintained it’s probably one of the best engineered engines of its time . That bolt would have been fine if the owner had used coolant instead of water . We see it all the time . I challenge you to find a motor of that period that has forged internals for the most part and precise machined surfaces .


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