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Bleeder screws pitch?


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I can't get the front brake circuit to produce any bubbles in the fluid. I replaced the brake booster, master cylinder, and pads and shoes. I have some resistance in the pedal, but have to push it twice for usable braking.

I've been using the type bleeder that connects to my compressor and then sucks fluid out through the bleeder screw. It wasn't working, so I bought another one, different brand, with the same results. The reports of the speed bleeders are positive, so I thought I'd give that a try. They have been ordered from Amazon, so I should be back on the road soon.

Thanks to all for the prompt and accurate advice.



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I used a broken shovel handle and the seat back.  It worked surprisingly well, several times.  Make sure the vinyl of the seat can handle the handle end though.  Don't want new cracks.  Crack bleed screw, press brake pedal down with shovel handle, prop against seat back, close bleed screw, release handle.  If the clear tube is set up with an upward curve you can see if any air bubbles came out.

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Get a endoscope camera from Amazon for $30, there are 10 ft. And longer camera leads. It’s blue tooth. Set it up watch your caliper or WC on video and watch for bubbles. Used this with the speed bleeders. One man job and you can watch the real time video. Works great. Cool camera, you can use it for almost anything…

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