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    Will pay fair price for a nice one. This is the two pieces that surround the steering column between the steering sheel and the dash.


  2. View Advert Need Steering column cover (Clamshell) for '76 Will pay fair price for a nice one. This is the two pieces that surround the steering column between the steering sheel and the dash. Advertiser Humbug Date 09/22/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1976 Model
  3. Today, I cleaned the connections to the starter, put the VR back in, and everything seems to work ok. Getting 4.3 volts to the battery. Maybe a bad connection there was the problem all along. Thanks for Zed Head for the suggestion. Tomorrow, I'll check for current draw. Hopefully, it no longer exists. I'd have been really lost without the advice of you guys. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Joe
  4. I bought it on Amazon. Brand is Standard Motor Products, made in USA. What range in ohms should I set on my multimeter to check for a short circuit?
  5. Replaced the VR and was getting 14.5 volts to the battery. Noticed smoke coming from the VR. Didn't remove it to see the exact source. I do get 12V to the stem of the T connection on the wire going to the alternator, with the key on. I'm thinking I should remove the alternator and have it checked at Autozone, where I purchased it.Another option is to just buy the ZX alternator and install it. However, the problem may not be related to either the alternator or VR. Does anyone have some sage advice for me? Thanks, Joe
  6. With the new battery, the alternator is making 16.4 volts, and there are some slightly melted wires in the harness at the voltage regulator, so I assume the VR is shot. I've ordered a new one, and will see where this takes me. Joe
  7. I replaced the alternator because it wasn't putting any charge at all to the battery. After I put the new one in, it didn't work, either. I later ravved the engine, and the alternator started working, putting about 14v to the battery. Electricity is devious, in my experience. Zed Head, I'm not seeing any diagram. Joe
  8. Thanks. I checked the diode in the alternator, and it passed, but I've not completely disconnected the alternator. I rechecked the wire in the link, and it is blue. I put a full charge on the red optima battery last night and fooled around with tests today. Then I left the battery disconnected. Later, when I checked, it had three volts, I am going to get a new battery in the morning and start over. Joe
  9. My 1976 Z has developed a parasitic current draw which drains the battery in a couple of days. I have traced it to the front right fusible link. That's the foreward one next to the fender, and it is brown. My eyes aren't good enough to read the wiring diagrams, so hoping someone can give me a hint on what this link protects. It started around the time I replaced the alternator with a new one from Autozone. I still have the external voltage regulator. Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated. Joe
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