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Remote starter


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Given all you have told us about the remote starter...maybe

You might want to give the manufacturer/model of the product and post the wiring diagram that came with it.

Do you have a manual or automatic transmission?

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remote starter instructions.jpgThanks Steve

Manual Transmission

This is just a switch to turn over/start the car from the engine bay.  Have attached a picture and the instructions.

I last used this 40 years ago and can't remember how I hooked it up.  What I have tried so far has not worked.

The instructions are little sketchy.   remote starter.jpg

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5 hours ago, SteveE said:

Where do I hook up my remote starter?  Has two leads, thinking positive cable & ?

72 240Z



I have a '72 manual and use a trigger type remote starter from Autozone. I connect the 2 clips on the starter. One on the positive terminal from the battery and the other on the spade connector on the solenoid after pulling the female side off. Small wire on solenoid.

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33 minutes ago, SteveE said:

"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"   Thanks Guys

Thought I tried that last night but must not of had a good connection on the spade terminal. 


I like Popeye's spicy. LOL

Glad you got it after 40 years. That's amazing! I would never been able to find it.

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Kind of organized with my tools (still not that easy to find sometimes)  but can not remember how to do somethings.

But now that I am using this tool in the digital age I have my picture. Now to keep track of the picture😂Remote Starter Hook up.jpg

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