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A-Pillar Upholstery


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Issue: I need to install the A-Pillar. I know that it is glued on, however how does the edge trimming look like?  Is it just glued on, or doe it have the metal trim on one or both of its edges?

Progress: I bought:    the A-Pillar kit, the Glue (Contact liquid and Spray), and I also have the metal strip.

Have looked at pictures online, but cant really tell if the material is just glued on with the edges rolled over and glued or if it has the metal trim on the edges.

Can anyone send me good pictures of both the top and the sides so I can see what it is supposed to look like?

Thanks you.



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That welting trim is just pressed on. First the weather strip is glued on and has a thin rubber layer that goes over the pinch welded joint. Then the welting is pressed on over that rubber with the working part of the weather strip adjacent on the outer side. Here's a picture 0f my 7/70 car as I was disassembling it, and a few pictures of the welting.







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The A Pillar vinyl is just glued on. The vinyl should wrap around each flange at it's sides. On one side, that will be the windshield flange - on the other the door flange. When the windshield is installed it's weatherstrip will lap over the vinyl on the A Pillar. Likewise with the door weatherstrip - it's welt will go over the A Pillar vinyl. You can use contact adhesive on both sides of the flanges but it's really only needed on the outside of the flange in each case - the weatherstrip holds the inside of the flange in each case.

The vinyl above the doors and above the windshield is a different story. That's where you use that welt you have pictured.


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