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Zed Head

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This thread might not be a good idea but I came across this video that I need to share.  There seems to be quite a bit more foreign content on the old youtube site recently.  Maybe I haven't been paying attention though.

Jaws from the Bond film wins a motorcycle race.



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Is this for real?    About half way through I started to laugh my arse off once I figured out the Jaws reference and really watched that guy. 

His bike looks like a Honda 50 from the 70's☺️ and his style is way different also.  Pretty cool tho. 

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I thought it might be one of those "deep fakes" but it's way too complex.  Watch the 2nd place guy at 3:55.  

Seems like the bike was built for the track and the others were there just to make a point, according to one of the posters.  Makes sense.  That's why he started last.  "Jaws" only had problems when he got in to the paint.


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