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Downsides to turbo oil pumps


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I’ve been tracking my Z more, I’ve been a bit concerned about oil starvation as the pan is not baffled. I was thinking that a turbo oil pump might be beneficial as I’m running bit of a unknown pump that I just threw in when I was assembling the motor. The motor is an flattop overbored L26, with a n42 head that’s been slightly shaved down. Usually on idle it can appear to be pretty low on the guage, esp if the oil is nice and HOT. 

Are there possible downsides to having too much oil pressure/flow in the system? I’ve seen that some people ( @siteunseen ) say that the pressure gauge was pinged 1/2 to 3/4 on idle, it seems like the flow difference is quite a lot.

AZC seems to have the cheapest option I’ve seen,


I also see that people use k24 (SOHC) motor oil pumps. 

I gotta change the oil within the next two weeks before our next track event, figure might as well swap it if there is a benefit to it, and no risk in ruining something with the high pressure.

here is a bonus for reading this far, got this pizza the other day it was pretty good.


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Now I want pizza.

Lots of guys run the turbo pump with no problems but if you still have the stock oil pressure gauge don't expect to see the needle indicate more pressure, those gauges were never very accurate to begin with. If you mount a pressure gauge right to the side of the engine block where the pressure sensor goes you will get a much better idea of what the pump is doing.

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My gauge pegged to the max side while driving. No problems though. From what I read that spring and ball bearing under the filter is a pressure release type thing so it opens up and dumps the excess to the pan. I use Melling 152 pumps on both cars. Got them local from advance auto. $60 each if I remember right.

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