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carparts.com New parts site - disappointing

Zed Head

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13 minutes ago, Mark Maras said:

4.5-9 psi seems way to high based on my experiences with OEM carbs. Am I to assume the newer aftermarket carbs can handle that much pressure?

The site just shows the wrong parts overall, for a 280Z.  It should be showing injectors instead of carbs, and a high pressure regulator.  When I clicked "Fuel" on the site, for a 1976 280Z, the carbs popped up as an option.  Basically, the site has lots of wrongness on it.  It's just a messed up attempt to compete with Rockauto I think.

I did see Injectors though, on the page.  But how do I know they're the right ones?  Maybe it will get better.


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Done business with these guys one time. They are third party and don’t have a whse. Asked the rep one day and he admitted not stocking anything local. Still check pricing but beware. 

speaking of car parts.com

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What's old is new again.  Carparts.com is JCWhitney.

I ordered parts from some on-line entity way back when the internets started going commercial and I think it was carparts.com. I probably have some old yellowed receipt in a box in some file somewhere under the roof, but it's certainly not worth the time hunting for it.

In any event, they fizzled and went dark. Probably competition from places like Rockauto doing the on-line thing better than they did.

But in the middle of 2020 I got an email from JC saying they were re-launching the carparts.com thing:


"JC Whitney has stayed in motion for more than a century, and we are constantly evolving to bring our customers quality auto parts at the best value.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our first-ever line of accessories and overall relaunch on CarParts.com, where we’ll be able to provide you the same dedicated service, but upgraded with an even better shopping experience, along with the right parts to do the things you love—and to do them better!

We’ll be moving over on July 16, 2020, and look forward to getting you set up in our new home. If you have a JC Whitney account, we’ll automatically create one for you on CarParts.com.

Your JCW order history, address list, and My Garage details will still be available on CarParts.com after the change. Once migrated, you will receive a welcome email and we will automatically include you in our VIP Email List. For more information on account and email subscription transfers, orders in progress, warranties, and more, please visit the FAQ section on our history page."


So what is old, is new again.

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The ad that I saw about it was on one of the mainstream TV channels.  The selling point was that the web site would allow you to find the parts that were specific only to your vehicle.  The realty was so different it was incredible.  They spent all of that ad money just to get people to see how bad their business is run.  Very weird.

I wonder if they've absorbed some of the other odd companies out there.  Too bad about JC Whitney, I used to get their catalog (paper!) way back before I even had a car.  I think that they sold dirt bike stuff too.

There's a JC Whitney sub-site on carparts.com.


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U.S. Auto Parts Network.


We want to provide you with the best auto parts shopping experience, which is why JC Whitney has a new home at CarParts.com. This will allow us to better serve our customers, thanks to the newly redesigned CarParts.com website—it's faster, more user-friendly, and completely mobile responsive.

JC Whitney and CarParts.com are both subsidiaries of the same parent company, U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc., so you can expect the same competitive pricing on direct-fit, top-quality automotive parts.

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