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Too bright?


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First of all I’d like to thank  all of you who have added so much value to these forums. I’d be lost without the information I’ve gathered through HOURS and HOURS of reading and taking notes. I’ve spent the last few weeks working on the lighting. After reading countless threads and making many mistakes I think I have finally got the mock up wiring ready for final crimping and wrapping. Thank you electrical gurus for sharing your knowledge so freely, it’s been fun putting it all together. 
Question for the group, I’ve installed relays on the headlights and park/tail circuits to reduce the load on the switches/fuse box. All bulbs with the exception of headlights and interior lights are LED.  Overall I’m very happy with the results and lack of heat in the critical locations.  
I snapped a few pics this evening and my only concern is that the marker lights are too bright. I know it’s hard to tell from pics but I’d like your opinions. Considering that everything seems to be running nice and cool should I switch out the marker bulbs back to incandescent and get Dave’s side marker kit?  Sounds like a nice feature since our signals are well hidden under the bumpers. 
Edit:  Sylvania Zevos in the taillights and Superbright 1156 equivalent in the side markers  






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Great looking car! As to the brightness on the sidemarkers, yes they seem to be a bit bright but as always - your car, your choices. Dave's sidemarkers kit is not relays and will not affect the brightness. It merely adds the front markers to the turn signal circuit. I have it and consider it to be safety feature.

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That’s what I used too. Great combo and I’ve gotten used to the brightness now. Certainly helps others see us!!  I haven’t switched back yet I agree with @heyitsrama on the tag lights being the older more yellow look, I plan to do that when I get it back out this spring. 

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