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  1. I took off the paint. I have stickers, pics, and a story to tell. Still looks nice since it was protected all this time.
  2. This could be exactly what they did for this replacement part. Was supposedly hanging on a guys wall in office for over 35+ years. Maybe they did not do it for the cars being delivered brand new. Who knows, thanks to everyone for their input.
  3. Well Captain, I did try and the solvent has no affect on the inside. It is bare aluminum with no coating. I also believe this cover was never used due to the sealant on the inside not being stained from oil.
  4. No stickers are off and saved. As soon as that thing heated up I was afraid they would fly off.
  5. Acetone vs not touched pic. Clearly see were I rubbed it off on top vas below.
  6. So spray it to look nice? I guess I was just under the perception that it was raw Aluminum with no coating. The inside is untouched. Learning something new for me.
  7. Here is the inside. Looks unused to me also.
  8. Yup this is the one I purchased. Looked legit. Stickers were old and looked like we had a NOS cover. I’m puzzled because of the silver that is on the aluminum that has come off. It looks like paint on the rag and even balls up on the surface of the cover.
  9. That is correct question I am trying to figure out. This whole thread was about an NOS valve cover I purchased. Pics are above in the starting post. Just wondering if I got scammed or did they have a certain process of finishing the cover after it was cast.
  10. The pics of the valve cover I bought are at the top of this thread.
  11. So interesting story to this supposedly NOS valve cover I bought. I had some lacquer thinner I was using to clean parts and I decided what the heck, it shouldn’t hurt aluminum to just clean it up. Well start putting a little on a rag and rub some, then my rag starts to turn silver. I’m thinking I either messed up, this thing has been painted, or maybe they put something on at the factory. I pulled the stickers off and underneath they have the same silver that comes off with a rub and some thinner. It looks like paint. Did I get scammed? Thoughts? Looked legitimate!
  12. Just thought I would share my new car to go with my vintage turtle wax can!
  13. You will have to get on Facebook and ask the guy. He took another shot of it all laid out. Thought it was interesting.
  14. Pretty interesting if all intact and never installed like noted.
  15. The late 260 and earlier 280 had the same spare tire well but I am certain the position of the tire well is different than yours due to the change in design of the fuel tank. Not sure if you are wanting to get that picky about it.
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