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  1. The middle console carpet is original. I think the others came from Motorsport. I would just dye yours if in good shape. Did that to another z and it worked great.
  2. Gave up on mine and got a refund. I did find an original non cracked that is still pliable and soft to the touch. Looks good and I am happy. That was bad business in their part not being ready to produce last year during the Black Friday sale.
  3. It was 6-8 weeks two weeks ago when I got the update email. 🤔
  4. No, it was switched to round tops by previous owner. It had the big bumpers so it was made for US. I don t think they put those on outside US market.
  5. Yep it’s a 12/74. No doubt about it. Mine is an RLS not HLS like the 280
  6. So I was just in a junkyard in Texas and I found a 280z with the same Birthday as my 260z. Pretty 😎 I thought! 12/74
  7. My comment was on 280z. They sent a preorder notice to people on this list for pre Black Friday sale as they were ready to start producing and the delivery time would be 6-8 weeks. That was 11/17/19. They said they were finally ready to start producing and here I am still waiting. I am sure it will be a great product, just not happy I have money floating when it now seems obvious they were not ready to produce. This isn’t Shark Tank while we figure out quality control issues.🤔
  8. 6-8 weeks for delivery has now turned to 16 weeks and no word on delivery. I want a quality product too but they should have waited to do the preorder until they were ready to produce. I probably should not have ripped my dash out in preparation. Hopefully it is here before spring!
  9. Went by their warehouse this past week in Albany CA. Legit and prototype looks awesome! My dash is out and ready to fit the new one. You can’t beat the price with how good this dash looks compared to an original. I almost bought an original uncracked for about the same cost but I am glad I am going this route so I won’t be so concerned on cracking.
  10. I am trying to get a 24k mile original ready for auction. I am hoping not to have to mess up wiring
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