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  1. I used safety wire. Couple turns to tighten pigtail and tuck. Tucked down in nice and never had another issue.
  2. Frankie for short! I figure my 260 is made up of parts from 240 and 280. Offer always stands. I would like to make it to Nashville Z since it is where I lived most of my life. Jim
  3. I could probably do that. My car is getting paint, engine rebuild and will not need till next fall.
  4. Well I bought the thing for $315. Could not resist and not sure if a good deal. Now, do I keep the stickers on when I install or take them off?
  5. Yup mine has nice 304 still inside under all the carpet. I do have good compartment panels to get a true match or compare. I can’t wait. Thanks again for information.
  6. Thanks for that update! It looks really good. Amazing the difference in the sun and shade. My son will be the one painting mine also. Pretty cool. This is it will fill primer. Still a little ways to go.
  7. Do you remember the brand of paint and if they just pulled up the 304 code? Are you happy with the results?
  8. I am going to be repainting to original color 304 on my 260z. Was curious if anyone has done the same and was happy with the results? If so, what brand of paint did you use?
  9. I read your book and what an incredible story. Good job! Makes me want one now. I travel to Scottsdale a couple times a year and would love to see your Z if that is possible. Again, very good book and I am glad to have in my Z collection. Jim
  10. Two bolts to remove column from dash bracket. Once dash is out you can put screws back in to support column temporarily.
  11. Gauges come out. Again, easy process. The only thing I find cumbersome in the whole ordeal is taking the choke bracket off the center console when removing. One tip, undo the choke cables from the valve cover if they are attached to a bracket. This allows you to pull the cables through the firewall more and makes it easier to access. Not sure if this applies to your car.
  12. 😐...I think seats out is a waste of time. Slide them back and you have more than enough room. Done this twice. The only wires that could be confused is the three black wires on left side behind vent. All other wires are super easy to figure were they go back.
  13. The duct you have behind speedometer goes on other side. Use my pics for reference