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  1. I did contact and reply was he was making some things in November. Probably really busy. I look on a weekly basis to see if back in stock.
  2. But he needs to make to get. Been out of stock for a while.
  3. Did this fix your problem? I think I am having the same issue. Bleed brakes with car off and pedal feels normal, start car and the pedal goes all the way to floor to stop the car. Always had awesome brakes until assembly after car restoration. Booster was taken off to clean and paint but never taken apart.
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • WANTED
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    I need one new or used for the z. Any suggestions of where to get would be appreciated. Just need one to complete the set.


  5. I have seen people use longer screws to help pull the window in and then replace with the original ones.
  6. It might come in a really nice package.
  7. Thank you. That was my main question. Will not put it back on after paint.
  8. Here is a 75 280z on bat auction that has the body door strip.
  9. Unfortunately no. Probably gonna leave it off at this point.
  10. I’m just wondering if this piece attached to body was an aftermarket thought at some point.
  11. For what it’s worth, a guy in the US is about to come out with reproduced ones of the 75/76 model. Hopefully they will look good and be a good price point.
  12. The seal in question is attached to the body and not the frame of the door. Are you talking about the same one as shown in pics? I understand about the one that was added in later years and goes in the groove on top of the door frame. This is a totally different piece that is attached to the body of the car next to the main door seal.
  13. I have looked through hundreds of pics online of 280z cars and late model 260z. Not one of them I can see has this seal on. My car is a 12/74 260z and it had it (note the first pic below). Did most people remove these or if during a repaint they just kept them off? Should I just keep it off? What was the reason for adding? Any insight would be appreciated. It looks like Vintage Rubber is the only place to buy from. Mine just went through paint so that is why the question came up.
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