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  1. View Advert S30 driver side timing indicator Want to buy driver side timing indicator for S30 Advertiser Frankenstein Date 09/06/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1974 Model 260z  
  2. Time Left: 2 months and 7 days

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    Want to buy driver side timing indicator for S30


  3. Final outcome! Love it!
  4. On Facebook. Still think you can get them cheaper
  5. I bought a set last year for $200. I would hold off to find a good deal. If the date is concern then you might have to pay a premium for some guys/gals stupid amount.
  6. I did contact and reply was he was making some things in November. Probably really busy. I look on a weekly basis to see if back in stock.
  7. But he needs to make to get. Been out of stock for a while.
  8. Did this fix your problem? I think I am having the same issue. Bleed brakes with car off and pedal feels normal, start car and the pedal goes all the way to floor to stop the car. Always had awesome brakes until assembly after car restoration. Booster was taken off to clean and paint but never taken apart.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I need one new or used for the z. Any suggestions of where to get would be appreciated. Just need one to complete the set.


  10. I have seen people use longer screws to help pull the window in and then replace with the original ones.
  11. It might come in a really nice package.
  12. Thank you. That was my main question. Will not put it back on after paint.
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