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280z parts for sale


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Dear all

I am new within this group and I like to offer you a large amount of parts for a 280Z. The interior parts belonged to a dark red car. the parts are all used and mostly not yet cleaned.

Please feel free to contact me either for all or just some parts.

See attached pictures for more information --> some parts could be sold already - therefore - please ask - Thank you













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I think that those are 280ZX parts, maybe some 300ZX also.  Still valuable.

The diff looks very interesting, it looks like a 300ZX turbo diff.  Maybe they used it in the 280ZX in Europe.  Too bad you are way over there.  I can't remember all of our European friends but here is one.



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Looks like mostly 280ZX parts. @DatsunZGuy might be interested since he is currently restoring a 280ZX.

The diff looks like someone transplanted a 300ZX turbo (84-89) diff into a 280ZX. If it is then it should be a 3.7:1 ratio clutcb type or the rare viscous type (1988 white SS edition). You would have to remove the cover the confirm whats inside. Someone could have simply swapped covers on a standard diff.

Interesting transmission under the truck body. Is it also ouf of the 280ZX. That would make it a close ratio F5W71B. They are getting harder to find.Screenshot_20200521-085233.jpg

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Hi Roland, Are those parts of a 2 or 2+2 car? all red interior parts no blue?

I am almost ready with a original dutch (Netherlands) slick roof 2+2 280zx.. Next week a last paintjob and then assemble it.. hope i got everything if not i let you know haha!

You can find it overhere on classiczcars.com

Type :280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration 


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