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Zs 50th Anniversary meet : Le Mans Classic 2020

Sean Dezart

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This might seem a long way away from you guys but maybe, for once, you want to be there at Le Mans, especially after the recent Fordvs. Ferrari film ?

Club Datsun-France is preparing for this prestigeous and enormous biennial event, the dates for which have been set as Thursday 2nd July – Sunday 5th inclusive.

We aim to continue the 50years theme and to improve upon the 2018 attendance of 50x cars, so we’re counting upon you all to come together to celebrate and share a great moment against the fabulous old-school atmosphere of Le Mans !

In order to benefit from the preferential club stand, discounted tickets and no booking stress for you, I as usual on behalf of our club, will be organising the Datsun/Nissan ticket bookings direct with Peter Auto including camping accommodation via the ACO !

It’s not too early to book for track sessions, accomodation and a place on the stand !

I invite you to contact me at : seanz@wanadoo.fr for a more complete information package including estimated* prices.

 *we’re awaiting the official figures.

 Kind regards,


Président, Club Datsun-France



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Sean, thank you for the invitation to our club members!  Although most of our membership is in the states, we also have international members who may be interested.  I also know there are others from the US who are frequent travelers.  I'll add this to the club calendar as well.


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Thanks Mike.


I have also heard that quite a few Zee people would like to visit Le Mans and honestly, having been at both for many years, the full 24hrs race has lost it's ambiance and become too corportate.

Le Mans Classic relives the best days, great spirit, one can approach the teams and cars AND there is a huge classic-car show to enjoy as well !

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Attention - Le Mans Classic.
Because of the cotinued propagation of the coronavirus, the (correct in my view) decision has been made to put back this event to 2021, July 1, 2, 3 + 4 !
This gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and join us is wished to this most awesome event in the Classic car calender.
An incredible blend of static displays, club stands and full-time classic car track action throughout the night. Racing is but 24hrs from Saturday afternoon, just like the real thing but the event is open from Thursday morning ‘til Sunday evening.
Looking positively, this now gives everyone a chance to book local accomodation, finish their cars and…I’m pushing for more Club Datsun track-sessions for the Friday morning (fingers crossed).
If already booked for this year, please confirm  asap that you intend to keep your booking for 2021 OR wish a reimbursement of 85% (we need 5% over and above Peter Autos’ 10%) to cover our club fees and administration).
Those wishing for a reimbursement and wanting to join us in 2021 will need to re-book through me and although I can confirm space on the stand, camping spaces and track sessions might be at risk.
I am at your disposition for further information (if I have it) and any questions.
Best regards and good health to you and for your families.
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