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‘73 restoration is almost done but?!...

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It has been a long way from the day I have acquired my ‘73 240Z 12 months ago, to today when I almost see it driving down the road... Thank God I started off with a good and relatively clean car but still maybe I should have just walked into a Porsche dealer and buy a 911 of the shelf for the price... Go figure...🤨

The goal was not to end up with a show car / garage Queen BUT... Z-day minus a week or so of work to install the rebuilt engine and rebuilt 4 speed trans, I realized that my car turned out MUCH better than I have anticipated/expected at the start of this journey, which lead me to meet mostly great people (and a few not too reliable ones) of this community that is the great Z community.B2E96C95-4C7C-40DD-AB72-9D66E7737515.jpeg

During that restoration the only thing I did not do or over see (and I Do regret it today...) was to replate all of the nuts and hardware. When I started disassembling the car, the hardware looked descent, but when put back in a mint car it does look like crap!...

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post, the point is that I have 1 part left that I totally forgot where it goes...😳 Part of it goes inside the car and the end drops somewhere outside, there is so much my brain can retain and I need some help!

So where does that vent/drain goes?...😓

thank you for the help!!

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My guess would also be an A/C drain tube.  Not a lot of fluids drain out of the Z - A/C or radiator overflow.  Have you looked for a hole on the passenger side floorboard that could accommodate the hose?


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