Tokico Illumina BZ3013

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    Forgive me father, for I have a soggy bottom!


    Having put on the new Bridgestone Turanza T005 tyre all round on car, the grip is frankly phenomenal!!! The down side is the occasional rubbing I used to get on the arch lips is now quite frequent as I can load the suspension up a LOT more than with the Michelin “no wet weather grip / easy to slide in the dry” Energy Savers.




    I also have found that despite my gorgeous Z Story exhaust being tightly installed within 5-10mm of the rear cross member, she has been getting flesh wounds with 2 x 75Kg middle aged men/boys in the car driving over fast bumpy roads and loading up the rear under power in a straight line...




    The suspension is travelling 3 inches or more to get there.


    I have what appears to be uncut but lower springs and Tokico HP / Blues installed by PO. The ride height is not silly low either ...




    So I’m rapidly thinking Eibach progressive springs and Tockico Illuminas all round. This is a 98% fast road car that sees the track a couple of times a year at best. I really don’t want to spend silly money on coil overs etc or to cut bits of my car to make them fit.


    I have a UK 1977 260z which is very similar in suspension to the American 280z (I believe). The challenge is, I have located 2x brand new fronts and one brand new rear (BZ3013).


    I cannot for the life of me - except on a Mexican Ebay style platform (that doesn’t like anything other than a Mex mobile phone number) find one for sale - they are showing 10 in stock. Three questions for you guys:


    1. Does anyone have one or a pair they would like to help me out with (I will pay generously both financially and donate body parts as appropriate).


    2. Has anyone tried this combination and likes it?


    3. How do we think the illuminas compare with the newly released Koni adjustable from MSA? I sort of like the fact that compression and rebound are both controlled on the Illumina as I know very little about suspension tech / science and don’t want to do this job twice!


    Would be most grateful for experienced advice on this.


    Ps. Someone suggested this but ... erm ... just no!!!






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    You can get custom made springs Ali for not too much. Less than those Eibachs I expect.
    Springcoil.co.uk made mine. They even let me send them back a couple of times for just carriage cost (because I mis-specced them)

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    I've been hearing for the past year that the Illumina shocks are no longer available for Z cars, I have a set and they are good but as soon as one fails I'll be going with the Konis.  Eibach lowering springs are one of the most popular springs for our cars for a reason, they work. I used to have a set of the Tokico lowering springs and I was bottoming out just like you describe, but no problems with the Eibach springs.

    Bump stops are very important, the hard urethane are practically useless for cushioning, when the shock hits them it really does STOP.  But the newer urethane foam bump stops are a different ball game, they are progressive,  Koni makes a good urethane foam bump stop as well.

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    Thanks guys, this is all great advice!!!!

    Jon that is good to know, thank you, will look into that option.

    Mr grannyknot - you’ve given me something good to think about there. Is suspect I may have those Tokico springs as they don’t look stock and the PO has loads of receipts for Tokico stuff. A great shout on the bump stops too. A member in the UK has kindly offered a set of those springs so once I finally make my mind up he will save me a penny or two on import duties.

    I will be sure to call Zcardepot tomorrow eve - uk time ;) - thanks for the heads up.

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