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Hey guys,

I just received a sample from Jeff over at Simply Cut Art.  He builds neat art pieces for your wall and the workmanship is very well done.  The art appears to be made out of laser cut wood that looks a lot like MDF in a medium brown color.  From what I can tell, he takes three layers of flat stock and cuts the pieces to certain shapes.  After cutting, the pieces are sandwiched together to give the art a 3D appearance.  The art is then mounted on a white piece of cardstock with BRE style stripes and a mini sign indicating the series.   Packaging was carefully done to protect the art during shipping and I give it a 5+...

Although I only have the Datsun 240z, Jeff also makes other Datsun pieces such as the 510 and Roadster.  His art doesn't seem to be limited to cars either.  Take a look at his site and you'll see all of his workmanship.  I also want to mention that Jeff is helping out the site with his own banner ad.  If you like the work from Simply Cut Art, please be sure to let him know where you saw the ad.  It will go a long way to support the club (and Jeff too!).

Here are some photos of the art piece he sent to me.  His website is here.








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Jeff and I have worked out a deal for club members.  If you're looking for one of these for your wall, just refer to the following discount code for 20% off:


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