Long throttle linkage replacement

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    Does anyone make a replacement plastic end? Anyone try and print one on a 3-d printer or mill one out of aluminum?  

    My short linkage is a little longer than the SS replacement being sold on e-bay and I wasn't able to get the seller to respond concerning a custom length. I figure a used one may or may not be better than what I have already.


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    The closest replacements I've found are from midwestcontrolproducts.com.  They have 8mm ball socket ends, but they have M5 threads rather than M4 on the originals. This has lead me to using M5 threaded rod and making complete new throttle rods. They even have several styles of ball ends that lock on to the ball studs. 

    I do have a little stock of both stock rods and ball ends as well as many of the midwest ball ends that I use for throttle cable and other linkage building projects if you want to get some from me.

    https://midwestcontrol.com/shop/DMCBH-5?search=Ball joint M5

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