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1966 Roadster 1600, here we go!


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Okay, starting to see them now,  still, such a pretty car.  Are going to keep this one stock?
I envy your half acre driveway, you could get get a good game of shinny going.

This one will return to stock if I keep it for myself to restore.
I have 3 grandsons under five with another due in June. I have 6 grand nephews under 7 with another due in June... sometimes it looks like a schoolyard around my house!
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The house was part of the deal in restoring the 280. The wife said I needed a shop on the property if I wanted a hobby that was going to take all my time. So we sold the old house and bought this one. I think we both got what we wanted out of the deal. I was sold when I saw the garages and she was sold on the house and property.
Now she tells me I have to include the cost of the house in the restoration expenses...
anyone interested in a million dollar Z?

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The bumpers were painted red by the previous owner. They were stripped, and powder coated in Eastwood Extreme Chrome. It's so easy to do... I legitimately prefer powder over paint. If the item can withstand the heat, it gets powdered!

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