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1966 Roadster 1600, here we go!


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Great info! The gas cap is locked onto the car ATM. I am having the car hauled over to another secure location soon. The current location is streetside... not making me feel all warm and tingley.
I will retrieve the car in the end of March.
I am going to have to find the proper “d” horn button and I will also need a gas tank as this one was shipped off for refurb and long since forgotten. In the end I want this to be a nice driver in original form. The pushrod R16 engine was not a powerhouse and I will keep this one as close to factory spec as possible. It is surprisingly rust free. As far as Datsun’s go...and no major accidents by my first inspections.

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A little bit of good news...  The car was picked up from it's curbside location and deposited into a secured yard. At least now I know it will not fall prey to teenage hi-jinks or enthusiast-collector scavenging!

I hope to have it back in my location 3.5 hours north of Calgary by the end of the month.

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Thanks! I have a few friends with nicely restored versions of the 1600 and 2000. I didn't know I wanted one till this one fell in my lap for a really good price. I figure I can't lose on having another Datsun in the shop, either as a project car or as a restored car.

I'd like to know where those god-awful bumpers came from though!

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I will probably replace the hood as there is one on the west coast I can get fairly easily. Or I may repair it.

I saw that the locking gas cap was selling for $325 US... ? ouch!

However I also saw that a set of taillights was under $200... fairly reasonable. I have a front bumper lined up, just need a rear. Also need a new set of badges and a mirror, some hub caps, new seat covers and foams..... arrrgh here we go....

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