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280zx distributor mount needed

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I just got all excited and ordered an E12-80 dizzy for my 240z.  Problem is, I didn't check if it had the mount...it doesn't. Could anyone help?  If you have a mount or a lock plate, I would really appreciate it.

At present my 240 has no spark. It had a broken vacuum advance but ran (horribly). After messing with the points distributor I get no spark at all. So now I'm trying for an E12-80 swap.


Anybody have the 280zx mounting plate or lock plate?  It's the one in the right in the picture above.

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I really need to design the universal lock/sandwich plate with LLLLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG slots that I've had in mind for ......  hmmmmmm 150 years,  maybe more,  so folks don't ever have to rely on finding the 'right' base for their dizzy choice. 

Just imagine your current base with the short little slots extended alllllllll the way around in a circle. Just a couple three bridge points so it's one piece. How hard can this be in this land of CNC laser cut parts?

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5 minutes ago, Mark Maras said:

 Hmmm. I wonder if ABS (home printer) would work for this part?

It would have to stay solid at high heat. I would not want the mount to get soft at speed.

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