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240Z pulling to the right when braking

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Hey guys,

my 240z pulls to the right if I brake really hard. The car is bolt and nut restored, means all brake system components (except brake booster) are brand new. I didn't notice this issue during the first 1000 miles, so I suspect something changed/failed recently.

What I checked:

  • Tire pressure, even wear
  • Tension rod nuts (torqued them a little tighter)
  • Rear left drum (no issue there)
  • front left caliper and pads (even pad wear)

The car drives straight as it should and the problem is really only noticeable with high brake pressures. Could it be an alignment issue? Or did I miss any other thing to check?

Any help is highly appreciated ?


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Usually this is due to caliper (on right side in your case).  Sometimes the brake hose is at fault if it is old.


Drive around without braking hard for 10 min then touch the wheel/hub/rotor with your hand on left and right sides. If the right is noticeably warmer/hotter than the left then that caliper is dragging and has an issue with the piston sticking.

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As the disks are the same..  put the left on the right and viseversa..   if you really don't know anymore what to do.. 

The problem changes.. it's the disk..    Also i want to ad..  the smallest bit of grease on (one of) them can create that problem.

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26 minutes ago, Montana Z said:

Check to make sure one of the A-arm bolts isn't loose.  I had one loosen up and my car pulled to one side when braking.

I forgot to mention this: You are right, the right side bolt which bolts through the crossmember was pretty loose. After fastening it got better, but still not perfect.

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If you have ruled out brakes and tires it has to be your suspension.  I used to be a mechanic. On newer cars with say 100,000 miles on them almost every time a car pulled to one side it was a worn bushing that looked fine on the lift until you applied pressure or leverage to the wishbone; control arm etc...

On very old cars like the Z it could also be sticking piston in the brake caliber. Sounds like you already ruled that out though.



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