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  1. Montana Z


    Great day for a back roads drive in big sky country.
  2. Hi Scott

     I got the dash and heater core out. I haven't disassembled it yet with the exception of the heat control valve (soaking in CLR).The surrounding box is in fair shape. What part do you need? Just the core?


    1. Montana Z

      Montana Z


      I actually sourced a core from someone else.  I'll let you know if there is anything else I end up needing.



    2. Mark Maras

      Mark Maras

      Hi Scot

        No worries. After rereading the thread, I realized that you probably were getting one from another member.

       I'll be taking pics. of the parts when I get them organized. Let me know if you need anything.



  3. Montana Z

    Polished Valve Cover

    Used a Buffer Bit on an extra valve cover I had. Hot a Professional job, but it's better than what I had.
  4. Montana Z

    Polished valve cover

    Used a Buffer Bit and some metal polish to fix this one up. Not quite a professional job, but it's a lot nicer than it was.
  5. Montana Z

    Montana Z

  6. Montana Z

    Polished valve cover

    Used a Buffer Bit and metal polish for this one. Not a professional job, but better than what I had.
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