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My new Z...


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OK, now that you've met...the yuckie stuff......Drivers door is bye-bye:


Passenger (that's the RIGHT side here)Floorpan is Barney-mobile:


Yes, that's the garage floor right behind the front seat cross-member...

Passenger sill:


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Doesn't look terminal in the pics, but where else is the rust doing its dirty work? Under the batter tray? Firewall? Inner fenders?

How about the rear quarters?

I've seen worse.. that's for sure... I've got one in the backyard now....:disappoin

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Right rear wheel well is bad but the dogleg seam is not showing anything: (really out-of focus)


Battery tray is about a 4 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst I have ever seen. Paint bubbling around the tray welds. Firewall is good. Hood is good (that's all dirt in the pic). Front valence brackets are rusty, but it's all going away if I keep it......Spare tire well is perfect, as are rear pockets at antennae and filler neck.

steve77 (and maybe keeping this 72)

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Your pics quit coming through....:stupid:

Looks to me like it would be worth saving.. floors and rocker panels and maybe a pair of dog legs ought to have it well on its way to being drivable again...well, and a door...:cross-eye

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