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Another Dash Question.....


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I have never heard of this conversion being done before, I am sure it can be achieved (where theres a will, theres a way) but I don't think it will be easy.

For starters I imagine there to be alot of wire cutting and loom modifying to do... and if your'e not confident working with electrics its best to leave well alone, as a fire is very easy to achieve..

Maybe someone else can fill you in with better details and their views..

If you do choose to do it all the best and good luck! And please post the pics!! :D

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I also have not heard of this mod. Most people are looking to get a good dash, and the older model ones are getting scarcer. But apparently you have access to a good old dash and are looking to swap it out.

If I recall properly, the ZX's have enough of a difference in the shape of the firewall, the angle of the windshield and the height from lower edge of the windshield to the top of the transmission tunnel that it might well be very hard to do so.


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You do realize that you are asking questions about a car (280ZX) that not many of us own, right? I hope you find the answer you are looking for, but we are much more knowledgable about 240,260, and 280Z's, since that is the model car that our club is all about. The ZX is a far different car.

If you don't get the answer that you need here, I can suggest signing up for the IZCC Mailing list at www.zhome.com . They have a much broader focus and can probably help you more on issues regarding the 280ZX.

Good Luck! (Are you sure that you wouldn't rather have a Classic Z?) LOL

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I can actually get an classic Z...

the car im buying is gonna be an 1982 280ZX... with 63k on the original engine

or I can get an 1978 280Z with 103k rebuilt enigne... for about $2000 buts an nasty neon orange color... and isnt in too good condition...

but the huge differences between Z's and ZX's?

Other than the e(X)tra features and body additions.. it looks virtually the same to me.. has the same engine...

but has diff. wheels.. dimensions... dash...

i dont get it

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There are many significant differences. Not the least of which are that the ZX has a completely different rear suspension design, and lots more weight in the body. It's like comparing Apples and Oranges.

The information below was gleaned from ZHome.com with sources listed. Data was compiled by Dr. Donn Vickrey IZCC#443

Year / Model-------------------70Z-------------------------79ZX

0 to 60 time =-----------------7.8sec.---------------------9.4 sec.

1/4 mile time =--------16.1 sec. @ 87 mph------17.0 sec @ 83 mph

Lateral G = ------------------.78-------------------------.76 g (C/D 4/79)

Braking from =----------80 mph in 259 ft.----------70 mph in 206 ft.

Top Speed =--------------109 mph*------------------118 mph**

Peak H.P =-------------151 @ 5600 rpm----------135 @ 5200 rpm

Peak Torque =---------146 @ 4400 rpm----------144 @ 4400 rpm

Curb Weight =----------2330 lbs.-----------------------2970 lbs.

Source - ----------Car & Driver 6/70-------------- Car & Driver 4/80

* 70 Z equiped w/ 4 speed manual

** 79 ZX equiped w/ 5 speed manual

BTW Many of us who enjoy 240Z's feel that long before 1978 the "Z" breed had morph'd into something other than the Sports Car it was when introduced in late 1969. The introduction of the ZX in 1979 simply completed the transformation into a "Boulevardier" /GT car by replacing the smooth, flowing lines of the S30 with the more angular, dare I say boxy lines of the Z31.

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Hey killer,

I have no idea about the dash swap out, however, it is prety obvious why you don't like the consumer version. What I want to know is... what year is the second dash and how do I do this to my '73?

It is a killer


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so maybe I should just get the 1978 280Z.... seems lighter... quicker... and smoother

but... here's what i am debating over...

one guy selling 2 cars....

1978 280Z 103,000 miles on it rebuilt engine, black leather interior, bright orange paint, FAIR condition, automatic transmission, sunroof all for about $2,800-$2,000 depending on his final decision.


1982 280ZX 63,000 miles on the orignal engine and chassis, tan cloth interior, new tan paintjob (2 yrs.old)... never driven in the rain, no sunroof, automatic, GREAT condition for about $3,000-$3,600 depending on him again....

so.... which would be a better buy....

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never mind, I downloaded, nice work though.

It seems to me that that type mod is a complete rehab. There is nothing in common between the 79 and 70-73 wiring because of additional wiring requirements and design changes.

Big money or mucho time or both would accomplish the task.

I would spend the money on the founding unit as killer suggested, the rest is up to your imagination.


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that is a tough decision.

I would Drive both cars hard and loo\k at the mods available based on what you ulimately want to drive.

I have a 73 with alot of mod and 12,000 $ later it is begining to really be a fine automobile.

The early Z's are very different the the later models.

However, there are fantastic performace enhancements for both.

Classic cars are very individual and meet very indidvidual requirments.


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The rap around feel you get from tye existing dash will dissapear if you could get the 70-74 dash in it will appear to small and also far away it the 83 shell. All the function hardware is totally diffrent the electronic an vac plumbed climate control system will have to go and a basic heater aircon fitted. the biggest killer is the wireing and the space conjestion that would be created you will need a wheel wrench to get it all in the new dash.

For my 2c find an old Z drive it if you are happy keep it.


Steve :classic:

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