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Another one for the obnoxious file


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what a disgrace. :finger:

I can;t understand why they just don't go buy the car they are trying to emulate. this arse clown spent 3500 on the fiberglass kit. He could have had a vette for that and left this for the Z guys. :devious:

that pic of the glass kit next to the original car is hearbreaking. that car was beautiful!

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That dude could most likely buy a decent 70s vette with the same amount he's already put into that thing, even with the cheap paintjob. And he hasn't started on the engine or tranny... yuck, what a mess. At least give the man credit for realizing that its a money pit, and a bad idea, and that he should just ebay it away. Good Zs just become rarer and rarer every day - imagine what it'll be like 40 years from now when the only 240s left are in a museum and this guy remembers what he did to his. :finger:

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Looks like a carnival float ROFL.

Really makes me wonder sometimes but I think the ghost rider still takes the cake as the most wonderful heap of $h!t I've ever seen.:sick: .

Is it just me or is Ebay becomming a comical car sales site for this club???

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