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  1. "new pistons with the designation "50 mm / ID .12" on the top of them" This stamping on TOP of a piston indicates the cylinders have been bore out by the amount shown. Is " ID .12" " a typing error? Or does it say " OD "? ID refers to the INSIDE DIAMETER where as OD refers to the OUTSIDE DIAMETER. I would think the bore in your engine is .12" over that of the stock diameter. Find out what the stock bore dia. is and compare. Buy a gasket kit ( I recomend FELLPRO ) slap that beast together and tell us about how it is. WELCOME TO THIS WEB SITE QMan ! - JEFF
  2. Maybe the 4 row rad is the differance..? -Jeff
  3. The Positive battery cable and the smaller wire ( with inline conector ) mounts on the bare stud shown closest to you in the picture. The wire that is already bolted on is in the correct spot. - Jeff
  4. Maybe from LH drive car ??? - Jeff
  5. The other option for the roof is heating and quenching to srink the streched metal --- a good body man can do it --- i've seen my dad do it. - jeff
  6. Black or grayish --- grayish being closer to charcoal ---- that one doesn't look correct to me. -Jeff
  7. I was also hit head-on by a van! My bike faired better than I did. My chest and head took out the hood , windshield and one wiper arm. My bike claimed the grille. I spent 1.5 days in the hospital. A concusion was the worst of my injuries. Heads up for the cars , hey ? - Jeff
  8. g72s20 - my rims are from a US 1978 280z . The Z cars were selling so well over here in the states that the dealerships wanted a little more of the pie. They started putting aftermarket alloy rims on the Z cars and selling them for more money! They are 14x7 (standard 280Z rim size) I refinished them myself ( about 40-50 hours of sandpaper scrubbing) The dealerships had installed rims such as these so I do not know the manufacturer of them. I like how well they fill out the wheel opening in comparison to the other rims in the "before the body kit" photos
  9. that is 2004 ford " Scream'in Yellow !! Best yellow I've ever seen
  10. It's dark in michigan as 5:30 PM See the snow !! ?
  11. uploading works with something in the title block
  12. Yes .. they are the same size as the one above
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