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  1. How much do you need for those bumpers including shipping to Rhinebeck NY. Thanks.
  2. wayquick32

    Carpet Kits?

    Do you have web sites for either? I can use a new carpet set. Thanks.
  3. The music of the radials singing to the tune of the exhaust! No better sound.
  4. Mike, I have a spare you are welcome to. Email me.
  5. I wouldn`t think any other site would be needed. Lots of helpful info here. Great people...Great site!
  6. A good rule of thumb is to have10 lbs of oil pressure for every 1000 rpms of operation. She will live happy.
  7. Thats a bummer. I`m a "newbee" here but feel kinda like family. Extra prayers in the works, Get well quickly.
  8. There are alot on nice wheels out there but I think the simple design of the stock wheel on the early Z`s can`t be beat. To each his own.
  9. The seats can be done if you are proficiant with apolstery tools and you have the correct foam filler, hog ring pliers and stretch tools. If you do it yourself, Don`t forget to repair any seat frame damage and repair any rust. Replace any weak or broken springs. If this seems a little much, Have it done professionally, No crime in that.
  10. The name Wayquick32 came about because I built a pro street 32 Ford 3 window coupe which I still own and drive. I have always had Z cars on and off since around 1974. One of which I still have since 74. I bought a 71 last fall to build for my wife, It is now finished. Interesting question, I often thought about that myself.
  11. I had a similar problem, I replaced the coil with a performance coil, MSD. Solved the sooting of the plugs and burned the fuel more efficiently
  12. zwolley....I too have a friend here that swears that all Republicans and Conservatives are nazi`s. He also see`s that black chopper flying overhead. .... He is a west coast transplant. Must be a west coast "thing". Bambikiller, All is well here, Point well taken. Life would suck if we all thought the same. Now it`s off to my shop to finish my wife`s Z and prepare my deuce coupe for a season of serious cruising. This is a cool site, I will stop "mucking it up" with politics. Peace y`all
  13. Yes I would list their names....Would you honor them? Maybe politics are best left alone on this site. I should have steered clear of it. We do have one thing in common, We enjoy the Z cars and our freedom is still intact.
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