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RedBird is getting Cool...


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Last Tuesday I took RedBird to Sam, who is installing her new air conditioner.  Yay!!!

I went by today and took a few photos of the progress to share with you.  Boy the compressor sure is shiny.  :D

I'm so happy that this is finally happening.   :wub:    I'll keep Y'all posted on her progress.






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Hi all,

I forgot to say that when Sam took off RB's radiator, it was loaded with sludge.   I'm not surprised for a car that lived her previous 40 years in Arizona.  So Sam took it to the radiator shop to be flushed.  It is soaking for the weekend, and will finish the clean out on Monday, when Sam will get it back.  I went to a local parts store right here in Eton where I live, to purchase 2 new hoses.  The old ones were not bad, but not real good either.  Sam likes to do everything possibly needed.  No shortcuts for him.  B)  I volunteered to do this to save Sam the driving time since it is right at my backdoor.  

Have fun...  



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as long as you are doing the rad hoses, check the heater hoses as well. A pressure test is a good idea as well to find any pin leaks or other issues anytime you have major work done on a radiator. The pressure test consist of using a tool that has a PSI gauge built into a hand pump that fits on the top of the rad (where the cap goes) you pump it up to about 10 psi and see if it holds (it may drop some as the connections are not 100% leak proof) for at least several minutes. While is pressurized you get a bright shop light or flash light and look ALL around the engine esp the rad/holes/water pump to see if there is any coolant seeping out. I am sure Sam knows this as its a pretty common way to find leaks.

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