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are there any japanese sources?


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Hey all, this may be a stupid question but like my dad used to say there are no stupid questions only stupid people.LOL Well anyway I was wondering if anyone in the club has sources for some of the "exotic" japenese parts such as wantanabe wheels, The dohc motors(LY series) etc. It seems that there should still be some of these parts out there and that they would make really cool retrofits to early Z cars.

In case you were wondering this car is a good example of some of the stuff I'm talking about.


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I think you are right about the engine stuff, you will see it from time to time in Japan on the net, but price and actual numbers available will preclude any export. Those engines are so rare, they could have been fitted to space shuttle, thats how much chance we have of getting our hands on one today.

Good luck

Steve :classic:

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:classic: Thanks DatsunZGuy, They have the exact style of wheel that I was looking for. Sorry to hear that you have'nt gotten a price quote from them. I'm assuming that you meant a total including shipping as they have wheel prices posted on the site. Not cheap but hey very few things in life worth having are. I'll try to contact them and if I hear back I'll let you know.

Thanks, Christian

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