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Carburetor Air Cleaner and Fuel Pump Parts

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Hi everyone.


I was wondering if the following are still available anywhere:


Air Cleaner rubber stripping and carb-mouth mounting gaskets. These are 4 bolt ones for the 1970 i'm restoring, and I can't seem to find the rubber pieces that go inside the air cleaner either.


Fuel Pump internal valve gaskets. They OE ones seem to be paper of some sort, but they are NLA. Is it ok to replace with a square-style rubber o-ring of sorts? or is there a preferred method aside from that?



Also, can the pin that holds the arm in the fuel pump be pressed out and pressed back in? I need to clean this one up, but I don't want any gunk going into the back of the fuel pump. Is there a way to press it out? I had someone briefly try to press it from both sides, and came to the conclusion that the rounded ends are caps that are pressed in afterwards? Can I just press it on through and then dissassemble and reassemble? It seems like the rounded caps have bottomed out. Not sure if I should try going further.


This is the Kyosan Denki fuel pump that i've seen go from 500 - 1000 dollars, soooooo I'd like to freshen it up.


The pump is pictured below and the round shiney pin in the pivot arm hole is the one i'm talking about:



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There is another thread about rebuilding these using a similar pump. I would find it but lost all my subscriptions

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During a garage cleaning, I took the gaskets that seal the filter out of 3 73/74 air cleaners. Most were still in good shape. For the gasket along the edge of the air cleaner, I used some rubber rope from McMaster Carr.

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