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Daytona SCCA Runoffs

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Hey Fellow Z folks,
One last post before we go to Daytona. The car is ready to go, finally. We test this coming Saturday for one last time, September 19th. Qualifying for the big race begins on Monday September 21 and runs through Thursday. The racing begins on Friday the 25th with the first of SCCA's 24 classes. There are over 600 cars registered for Daytona with drivers from across the country. There will be a big Spec Miata race run under the lights on Friday which should be very fun to watch. Racing will continue all day Saturday and Sunday. My race is Sunday afternoon around 2PM.
All racing including qualifying can be watched live on the 'race monitor' app. I recommend this app. Otherwise you can go to SCCA.com and search for the live timing and scoring. I will try and post a link to the live feed to watch the race on TV.
We are paddocked on Lake Loyd in spaces 65-68. Please come by and say Hi if you can make it out.
Hope to see you at the track!



Greg Ira

2013 SCCA National Champion



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Hi Chuck,



Here is a link to Live Timing on the SCCA site--  http://www.scca.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=live+timing&commit=Search


Here is a link to SpeedCastTV which will air the race live- EP 1:55 PM Sunday!--http://speedcasttv.com/


I am not sure which is the best place to watch it live yet. You may have to root around a little bit. You are looking for the EP race.


Hope you guys can see it! You can keep up with qualifying too. Race monitor (APP) or SCCA's live timing is best for this.


We qualify at:

Monday 9-21---9:20 AM

Tuesday 9-22--3:15 PM

Wednesday 9-23   - 12:00

Thursday 9-24----5PM


See you,


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Thanks everyone for keeping up. I am just now coming back to Earth. While I like a good head to head battle as much as anyone, that was still an awesome outcome. The team is tempting me into going to Mid Ohio next year and the champions provisional makes it even harder to turn down. Special thanks to those that showed up and supported and especially 26th-Z for the cool pictures.


All the best,


Greg Ira

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Great! My gf has race monitor on her phone. I'll have to check out the SpeedCastTV site!




.. a girlfriend with race monitor. Now that's a keeper!!

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