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Does your car have a nick name ???

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sjcurtis gave me the idea for this one. (I say give credit where credit is due Steve. Also, if it backfires you get part of the blame).

My "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED" has given my Zed the nick name "PRECIOUS".

Steve tells me that his wife refers to his car as THE OTHER WOMAN.

What do you call your car ???????? (Be nice now, there may be ladies present).


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My kids and their friends call it "The Blue Streak" because a couple of years ago one of my youngest son's friends saw me on the interstate and told Michael that "I think I saw your mom, but I'm not sure, she went by like a blue streak. It was me, and the name stuck. If I call it anything, it is "WHAT NOW!!!!" which is what I yell when some new problem rears its ugly head!!!

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My 6 yr old son: "The Blue Rocket", or "Rocket" for short:classic:

My 9 yr old daughter: simply, "The Z":classic:

My 41 yr old wife: "That stupid car":finger:

Me? Any of the above; depends what day you ask:stupid:

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