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  1. All of our cars will go to that great Z Car graveyard in the sky someday. Enjoy and cherish the time you have with her while she still runs and turns heads
  2. Creativity is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein and the best one from the bandit movie is - Im gonna barbecue your arse in molasses
  3. I get mine from Eastern Imports Auto Parts - Jacksonville, Florida. Only place I can find them where I am. The usually have a few in stock if you want to look them up under directory assistance. Area code 904. And they have good prices. I think it was $25.
  4. Like the saying goes a Dog is a Man's Best Friend. Good luck I broke up with my lady after 5 years and have hit a bit of a dry spell but the 36-42 year old chicks are the best. Less BS to deal with.
  5. Felony in my state too. That's pretty sad the police didn't even come out an make a report.
  6. no I didnt "getem"..called sarcasm
  7. Dunno..kinda fugly though. Motorsport has some nice ones on their site now. zcarparts Qty Product Price 4 Primax Silverstar Wheel Kit, 17x7 $3,980.00 Subtotal $3,980.00 Sweet but aint no way in hell for just rims. :eek:
  8. I use a honda civic but was in a race with two GTO's and a corolla and the corolla smoked all of us. On the green bar that shows your speed level rating - is it all the way to the top? Mine is about 90% full. I will have to try the Tiburon and see how it performs.
  9. I did not like the drifting at first. It is fun though once you get the hang of it. Are there any other engine parts after the 3rd extreme package? I have mine maxed out and dyno tuned the hell out of it but still about 7 seconds behind some cars like the GTO. I can race on evenly matched but with no restrictions I do not seem to have enough horsepower to keep up.
  10. yeah two 76's now and the other is a 5 speed..one for show and one for go. Would like a 240 but really hard to find here. Alot of them seem to be on the west coast.
  11. Just curious..anyone on here play NFSU on Xbox Live?
  12. Drove it home today 200 miles. Body is in excellent condition..ugly wheel covers have to go but I think she is worth alot more than I paid. Link -76 280 Z
  13. No they don't have to be stock. A variety of stock and custom would be preferred. Yeah several hotties...he works with some of the Hawaiian Tropic Girls. I have a few owners already just taking numbers and contact info to setup a date that everyone can show up and agree on.
  14. I am looking for anyone who has a 240,260 or 280 in excellent condition and lives near Tampa FL. My photographer lives in Ybor City and we need some cars for a photo shoot. This will be in mid to late January. If interested send me an email at : info@modelvolume.com
  15. Ooops my apologies to my neighbor..some women do have taste :cheeky:
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