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  1. I agree with you on the new Zs, I have driven one and I do not care for them. However, if I had the money, I would buy every well maintained original (or close to it) 240 I could find. I don't care about prestige or any of that other stuff. I just care if it is fun to drive and I have never driven a "funner" car.
  3. I like volkwagens. There isn't another car manufacturer out there that comes as close to justifying the price tag as they do.
  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you Zme.
  5. I am soooooo glad you got your car back!!!!:classic: Reading about that really bothered me. Given your history with the car, I can't even imagine how horrible that was!! I have only had my car 3 years (or 4 can't remember) and there isn't even that much Sentimental feeling involved except that I think it is cute and I LOOOOOVE DRIVING IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! What you went through would be almost like losing a child I would think. I am really glad that it is back to you ok. :classic:
  6. I feel so very bad for you. That is awful. I am afraid all the time someone will try to steal mine (like anyone would mess with it in the shape it's in :stupid: ), I can't even imagine what it must have been like when you found it gone. I hope they find the houligans that took it and make them pay!!
  7. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!:classic:
  8. This seems to be one of those guy threads, but I just have to put in my 2cents worth. ZZZZZ!!!!!!!
  9. I haven't even bothered to visit any other car sites for a long time. I really love this one. If you have a problem you get a fast answer from several people who REALLY KNOW what they are talking about. It is sooooo nice having people who love Zcars to talk to!!! When you have found the best the heck with the rest!!
  10. I was sad to hear the bad news, but very glad to hear that you are doing much better. Take it easy and rest and recover. You and your family will be in my thoughts. Bonnie
  11. I guess I just hate to see it just sitting there all broken down. I know a place where I can get the frame welded for just a couple of hundred dollars, but if the frame is that weak, I am afraid that there is another place that is about to break. I am wavering between fixing it or getting another one and fixing it up or just giving up altogether. It just is not working out as I planned at all. The motor is perfect and the transmission is good. I have been looking for a rolling chassis but the only ones I have seen still need a lot of work and I would be right back where I started. I just wish I could do some the work myself. I am not mechanically inclined but if I can see what is wrong I can fix it. I was thinking about getting the CD, it seems very well illustrated. I was looking forward so much to working on it myself. Right now it just seems beyond reach.
  12. This is getting more and more depressing. When I bought the car, I had the tools to do all the work. Then, I split up with my sorry !#*!#*! ex and left all that. Now the car is all broken down. My options are: 1. Keep the car and pay someone else to do all the work. This is never what I intended, I thought I would be able to at least do some of the work, that was alot of the appeal, and I am not rich. 2. Get a place with a garage and outfit it to do the work. This is what I want, but I am not rich. 3. Let the car go to someone who can do right by it. I have held onto it for over 2 years in hopes that someday I would be able to get it all fixed up, while all the time it has gone further and further downhill. I really don’t want to give it up, I have a hard time giving up on things. Sometimes I wish I had never driven the damm thing. I would never have known what I was missing. :disappoin
  13. Defiantly welding, maybe painting. I am thinking along the lines of a complete restoration shop up to painting. Well really if you already have the air the rest of the equipment to paint isn't all that expensive is it?
  14. Hi, Hope you all had a nice Easter! I have a question. How much should a person expect to spend to fully equip a shop? I mean totally from scratch. I know that a good air compressor will probably cost about 6 to 8 hundred. How much will a good sand-blaster and all that stuff cost and what all do you have to have? Thanks, Bonnie
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