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  1. have 77 280, and need to replace radiator. when I call the junkyards, do I ask for 77 specifically, or 71 through 78?
  2. MDyer

    won't start

    77 280. While in the garage for body work in Dec 04, the car had a lot of trouble starting. Starter would just wind and wind, but car would not fire. Replaced fuel pump, since it was leaking. Thought it might be flooding at the time. Car ran for a week or so, then wouldn't start. Starter would try, but again, it seemed that the engine wouldn't fire:ermm: . Pissed off, I've let the car sit since. ...Until this past Sunday. Charged the battery with a different (better?) charger. Removed the distributor wire from the coil, to see if there was a spark to a ground, and there was none. Buttoned everything back up. Left the battery charging. Monday, just for the heck of it, I turned the key, and... it started on the first crank. :laugh: Jubilantly drove it to the car wash to scrape off 12 months of dust and the cobwebs in the headlight buckets. Left it running while in the wash (and with my air cleaner removed, the vacuum sucked moisture into the intake:stupid: ) and it stalled. After a few tries, it started back up, and I white-knuckled it back home. Later that day, started it back up to move it. That evening, wanted to take it out.... now I'm back to the same old thing. Starter tries, until the battery dies.
  3. Carl, I'm not trying to mix it up w/ you, but I must take exception (or at least comment) on a few things. If you say that there was absolutely no political intent (ie. Bush bashing) by posting the names, that's fine. I've liked the thread, and whether political or not, it does honor those that have given their lives for a safer(?) world. :classic: True, terrorists have been here a long time, and will continue to come here. However, the "insurgents" that we are slaying over there are NOT all Iraqi nationals. America-haters from throughout the middle east are JOINING the fight. I'd much rather have them fight our armed, trained, professional warriors over there, than indescriminately attacking our civilian population here. For every terrorist/insurgent that dies in Iraq, there is one less that might come over here. (I recognize that family members of fallen terrorists are more likely to become terrorists themselves, but they are seeing the consequences of that type of decision. ) The difference is that our soldiers are fighting people that are engaged in the fight. On the other hand, terrorists prefer to kill innocents. :mad: Lastly, you are way off base on your characterization that all of our military folks joined for the myopic position "to defend our country". Some absolutely did it to defend our home; others joined to fight THIS war; others did because they recognize the educational/college benefits; others did it for career training/experience; others did because they wanted a job. All of them entered into a contract that goes into explicit detail of the risks, the duration of the active and inactive commitments, and the contingincies. This war is ugly, no doubt; and I want it over. But like I stated in my earlier post, right or wrong we're there now. We need to stay until the last insurgent/terrorist chokes on his own blood.
  4. Great thread honoring fallen heroes. However Carl, you can't say that your intent wasn't political; it may be understated, but it was most assuredly political from the onset. Having served in the US military, I'm qualified to make this statement: These soldiers not only volunteered, they also accept the risks every time they cash a pay check. They know specifically what those risks were (disability, dismemberment, or death at the hands of an enemy of the US) when they signed on the line. Most accept that, and take the risk. Let's continue to support our troops and our allies' troops as they risk their lives to make ours safe. Right or wrong, how we got there is history. Moving forward, the extremists and terrorists are coming to the fight; a fight that is being waged by trained soldiers, far away from US soil. I like that MUCH better than them filtering over here for the next couple of decades, and taking pot-shots that kill THOUSANDS
  5. MDyer

    Shaved Bumper

    might be a little late for you now, but I had a cover formed over the entire roll pan to cover the holes. (sheet steel, welded on and contoured) Unless you look REALLY close, in person, you'd never know that it didn't come stock that way.
  6. MDyer

    rear shot

    It looks like you've done good work, but don't expect rave reviews from a mostly "purist" site... What are the fenders from? They look like they're from some type of mini SUV. RAV4? Suzuki? Kia?
  7. As cool of a flame job that I've seen. I'm w/ Zlishous, great (and unique) color combo.
  8. I can't belive Maryland law allows 30 days to insure! Good thing that you were not at fault. In Ohio, you can't even get temporary tags without insurance. Frank, Maryland's laws have no effect on rates in California. Regardless of how/who files claims, insurance almost ALWAYS pays. If an accident happens, a claim is filed... the nuances of fault and law, etc. don't matter. Enrique, I hope my dog never poops in your yard. It's the incestuous relationship of insurance, doctors/body shops/home repair companies/pharmaceutical companies/etc., lawyers, and lawsuit-happy people that have our country so screwed up. I'm hopeful that you're not one of the lawsuit-happy people (because you're posts are almost always helpful, or entertaining, or insightful) but your knowledge of the topic makes me wonder!
  9. MDyer

    350Z Woody

    absolutely no harm done!
  10. MDyer

    350Z Woody

    80's?? You're showing your youth! Woodies were most definitely NOT an 80's thing. The media has taken this nostalgic 80's thing and distorted the minds of those that either don't remember, or weren't around! 60's and early 70's were the hey-dey of "wood" panels (with the exception of an 80's Chrysler mini van or Merc Grand Marquis wagon)
  11. MDyer


    That clover does much better in full sun. Get the Z in the garage!
  12. pm me the guys phone number, and I'll check it out for you.:devious: looks great
  13. I got it! ha... I was going to say "mind reader"!
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