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So This Randomly Happened...


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So, i'm sitting at the Pilot pumping gas right, and this guy in a honda ridgeline pulls up at the pump behind me. i'm standing there, and he says 'excuse me young lady, is that your Z?' i replied with the obvious, 'yes sir she is.' he walks up and shakes my hand and introduces himself. turns out he owns the winery that is statewide famous, and based in my town. Anyway, long story short... he proceeds to tell me how he has owned 2 Z cars, and that he was in the attic getting the christmas tree down a couple months ago, and that he came across a couple things from one of his old Z's, and said that he'd been riding around since then with them in the compartment of the bed of his ridgeline, waiting to see someone, anyone with an old Z, and the first person he saw with one he was going to give the things to. well... he asked me if i wanted them. i said sure. he proceeds to walk to the bed of the truck and pull out 2 brand new looking Z floormats, ironically the same color as the ones that were in Bullet when i got her, and a set of seat covers, still in the box...


The random things that happen when you drive a Z car...


So, just to show some support, if you're ever in Crossville, TN, stop by Stonehaus Winery on Genesis Rd, or you can make a Stonehaus purchase at most liquor stores in east TN. they have some awesome wine there...

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