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  1. this winery i'm talking about is based in and their wine is all made here. at least i'm pretty well positive...
  2. yeah bad gas can cause a multitude of fire issues, from no fire, to sputter, etc... my husband's supra had that problem, but come to find out, the gas tank was completely rusty on the inside, and the sock on the inlet of the fuel pump was completely clogged. he tried and tried to get it to work, clean it out, etc... but inevitably ended up buying a fuel cell... my advice is, if the pump is running, check the tank, and the fuel pump for debris and rust. if it's rusty, you may as well buy a fuel cell and maybe a new pump, because the rarity of the Z cars, and any 'Japanese muscle cars', you probably won't find one that is not rusted out.
  3. So, i'm sitting at the Pilot pumping gas right, and this guy in a honda ridgeline pulls up at the pump behind me. i'm standing there, and he says 'excuse me young lady, is that your Z?' i replied with the obvious, 'yes sir she is.' he walks up and shakes my hand and introduces himself. turns out he owns the winery that is statewide famous, and based in my town. Anyway, long story short... he proceeds to tell me how he has owned 2 Z cars, and that he was in the attic getting the christmas tree down a couple months ago, and that he came across a couple things from one of his old Z's, and said that he'd been riding around since then with them in the compartment of the bed of his ridgeline, waiting to see someone, anyone with an old Z, and the first person he saw with one he was going to give the things to. well... he asked me if i wanted them. i said sure. he proceeds to walk to the bed of the truck and pull out 2 brand new looking Z floormats, ironically the same color as the ones that were in Bullet when i got her, and a set of seat covers, still in the box... The random things that happen when you drive a Z car... So, just to show some support, if you're ever in Crossville, TN, stop by Stonehaus Winery on Genesis Rd, or you can make a Stonehaus purchase at most liquor stores in east TN. they have some awesome wine there...
  4. have you checked the plugs/wires? and egr system? mine ran GREAT til one day my hubby parked it to change the brakes, then wouldn't start back. when she finally did start, she fell flat on her face. he checked everything from the afm to the plugs, turned out the plugs were fouled due to the egr being stuck. tapped it with a hammer and she cranked right up and ran perfectly again with no more fouled plugs due to running too rich.
  5. if you can't duck it fu(|< it... if you can't treat it, beat it lmao.
  6. sounds like your timing is just a little bit out. like just a hair. not much but enough to screw with it. also maybe check your trans fluid and filter? maybe it needs serviced... or the air flow meter, fuel pressure regulator, cold start injector, etc.... may not be exactly in the fuel rail or lines.... maybe need to clean the tank out... there are many many things it could be. ran into about the same problem on my hubbs' supra, the previous owner had tried to wire up a different ecu, and in doing that, he crossed 2 wires, they were the same color so he thought they were the right places i guess... fixed that, she ran like a charm.
  7. so... husband went to move Bullet to change her brakes about a week or 2 ago. got her moved to where he wanted her, and before he could put her in park, she died and wouldn't start back. about a week later, we thought that she had gotten flooded and just died from it, so we took her down the road. well a push across a busy 5 lane road and a pull back home later, we figured out that wasn't it. so he's doing random testing, and he pulled the plugs, which were gas fouled. so i went and got new ones. got home put them in, she was still missing. so, back to the testing. started her up, which had to keep her revved at about 2k to keep her running, drank damn near a quarter tank in about 30 minutes.... he smacked the egr with a hammer. lightly of course. BAM! she smoothed right out. apparently the egr was stuck open or something, because she's been running like a charm ever since.
  8. circuit breaker aka maxi fuse. should be under the hood near the fender or the firewall. or in the panel in the passenger side kick panel... if it's not a blown maxi, then track down the ground connector to them, i looked at the diagrams, and they all have a ground connector in the line. it looks like in the diagram that they're all on the same ground... maybe the wire is nicked and shorted out, or maybe simple as that connector being corroded or loose. . check that out. should be a brown wire according to the diagram. keep us posted on your findings.
  9. alright... thanks. the digital clock, it worked the day i got Her, but, somehow it stopped
  10. why a Mercedes? and thanks i'll keep that in mind if i ever have a problem with fuel delivery....
  11. thanks for the welcome... it depends on the money thing... we're fixing to move, so that's gonna take quite a bit of money for us, i'm gonna try to put the majority of the extra money into paying off the house, as we're assuming payments on the loan can't promise we will be able to make Memphis, but we can try...
  12. the cool thing about this car, is that it had probably been sitting in a field or something for quite some time. she fires right up, runs good, drives good, and the whole dash works. all the gauges work, even down to the 1/4 tank gas gauge. the only thing that don't work is the clock. . i'm going to try to do some customization on the dash, because it's cracked like hell got hold of it and raised up in some places. so i'm gonna try doing bondo molding on the top, then painting it with rubber paint or something like that. don't know if it'll work the way i'm thinking, but hey i can try it anyway. if it don't then i found one on i think it was autopartswarehouse.com for like 150...
  13. here's another one i just found a little while ago. Nissan 280ZX Parts - Nissan 280ZX Accessories at Auto Parts Warehouse
  14. yeah i know, it's just a matter of the time and my hubs bringing the tools home from the shop so i can crack her open. and permetex, as i've found nowhere to find a new valve cover gasket... and it's already running with permetex as a gasket anyway, so it's not like it won't hold up... as far as the steering, it's the outer tie rod ends... and the rear struts. they're all shot.
  15. no i don't play, i sing, but my hubby plays, been playing since he could hold one lmao. his mom sent me a couple pics of him at like 3 with a little plastic flying v of his sister's and a using a cane as a mic. . but he was raised in music, his dad owned a studio, and a guitar shop, and all that stuff... we are actually moving to crossville next week. only about an hour and a half drive to nashville. hit me up.
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