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240k Race car - GTR tribute

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Oh well I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. The engine I got with the car which was a bit 2nd hand decided to give up at the recent GTR festival.  Only got two laps before it started overheating.  Not too bad after 3 years hard racing.  Diagnosis blown head gasket.  We expected that as it had been showing signs and we just keep patching it up.

So we decided new head gasket and maybe rings/bearings ...... but turns out it is too far overbored to give it even a hone and the head is to soft to last much longer - so time for a new engine.


Happy to post pics etc as we do it - but only if there is interest.  Most online forums are dead these days and I can't be bothered with facebook.  So post here if you want to see pics of the engine build - heres a teaser



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Well the plan was to just a simple freshen up, but that is not going to work. Engine out

and inspected.


The block was already bored to around 89mm so after sonic checking, we could not even get a hone, the leaking headgasket has scoured the bores.

So luckily found a fresh unmolested block (thanks Don - who sold me the car for letting me have one out of his collection).  This is currently off being linebored and we are going to reuse the deisel crank and 260Z rods as they are in good shape.

We are going to put in forged pistons, but waiting on some calcs before deciding how much to bore as we will be running around 10:1 compression.  I run the car on Av-gas (aviation full 100octane) so there is no reason to not up the compression.


The old sump is looking a bit sad as it has been modified a lot of times and the exhaust headers are rusted out from running the leaded gas (and their ten years age).



So had my first delivery from Japan. new exhaust manifold, new clutch and had the starter motor and alternator rebuilt.







Next .... finding a head and .....

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Bought a NOS head from this site, thanks so much Garrett (inline6), its a P90 so will require a bit of work to get high compression but great place to start.

Managed to buy NOS lifters and related parts from Nissan Japan and some Valves and retainers from Kamaeri.

And i turns out the Hakosuka sump fits the Kenmeri, so got one of those with a kit that ties into the gearbox.

But looking at the existing crank and rods and doing some maths, looks like will they will have to replaced.  Can't bore the new block too much so going to limited a bit in capacity 87mm = 2960, but it should be able to rev.

So the head is off to Horsepower heads (Kevin Bann ex Kelford Cams) who is starting on the port work.

This build is going to take a bt longer than planned but the end result is going to be better than expected, so will be updating shortly.




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Will do, just waiting patiently (not really) for the new crank, rods and piston from Kameari.  Unfortunately Christmas has delayed things.  But will post pics as soon as they arrive.

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