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  1. It's actually a 2k ute liner i used. Can tint it as well but i also painted over it
  2. small update Small update. Been busy chipping away. Got the interior painted in just a solid grey and also stone guarded underneath Also got all the arms underneath painted. Final check for door gaps And finally got a set of these They are still in japan and unsure on internal specs but they are 44's. Bit of a gamble but hopefully they pay off.
  3. both my ones where fine from city auto, must of got unlucky :/
  4. i would inspect before before buying because both door and pillar rubbers as specific for hardtops, unsure about 4 doors.
  5. boot can be pretty universal but doors are specific. here are the door options ????/????????????????/L?/GC110 ???? - Yahoo!?????? - ????! ????HT KPGC110 KGC110 ?????? ??? ?? ? ??? - Yahoo!?????? Mspeed - ????!
  6. can also go About Streeter Corporation. i have been using him for almost 10 years now and prob spent 20k+ :/ haha
  7. if u want to sell rear suspension gear let me know
  8. to busy feeding his belly with yummy food.
  9. this is taillight search on yahoo. ????? ????????? - ????!
  10. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
  11. man your car is clean, so good.
  12. haha small world, mine shall be there next year or maybe even the mid year one id its still on