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newbie Z help


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I just bought my first Z today. I don't know a lot, but I want to learn. I bought this Z from a friend and he told me a few things about it. I don't know how accurate the info is, so I am hoping for some help from the Z gurus that hang around the forums.

I don't have full documentation for the car yet, but it is a '72 240Z with a 280 engine in it. I don't know whether that is a good or bad thing. Do you? :ermm:

What would serve me best with regards to replacing the carboration system? Is there a certain one that is preferable? I will be driving this car around town and also racing it with SCCA SOLO2

I also need a gas tank. Could anyone give me a push in the right direction?

That is all I can think of right now. Here are some pictures. Thanks!




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2.8L engine vs 2.4L engine is about 25 cubes, so thats a "good" thing. I dont know the SCCA rules though, and I know that they classify based on certain things, so you'd have to check the rulebook for more than stock cubes, or engine from same bodystyle car/generation use etc.

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Welcome to the Z world. Looks like a decent car. What does the interior look like? In regards to having a 280 engine vs a 240 well, a 280 has a little more power (a good thing). Keep your current carburators as I see they are the round top SU's (stock for your year). I can also tell the original color was the lime green. What is the coke bottle looking thing over by the fuel pump (passenger side of the engine bay)?

To help you with a gas tank you must tell us where you are.

Once again Welcome!

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I live in the Los Angeles area.

The interior is in fairly good shape for how old it is. My friend is an upolsterer, so I hope he'll redo the seats for me as they have some tears in them.

I am not particularly concerned with restoring the car to original specs or anything like that. I am more interested in something to enjoy driving AND racing.

That said, are the stock carbs my best bet or is something more modern a better option? If I'm not mistaken, I would have to replace the intake manifold also, correct?

That lime green is one... errrr... interesting color. The paint job isn't the best, so some of it shows through. I will be getting it painted someday. I think I will make it yellow - don't laugh. I like yellow cars.

A funny side note - when my mom saw the car she was quite suprised and told me that it is the exact model that my dad picked her up in for their first date. LOL

That thing attatched to the fuel pump is an apple juice bottle turned gas tank! They rigged that up just to work on the engine because the gas tank is bad.

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wasnt that good but the car looks pretty good. nice and seems straight which is a good thing.

the engine can be a 2.8 just becuase the head accepst the mechanical fuel pump doesnt mean he doesnt have a 2.8 block.

there are several combinations that people like to use on there cars this might just be one.

looking for a gas tank, go to www.car-parts.com they have a ton listing from yards across the country.

looks like you have a nice set of enkie wheels on the car too.

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Look at the pass side of the block, look for something that says F54 or etc, should be a letter followed by 2 numbers. Same for the head, pass side in the center and you can find out what the head is from.

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Hate to be the one to disagree with you guys, but the P-79 head is the only one that does not have provisions for a mechanical fuel pump that I know of for sure. I'm not sure about the P-90a, but the N-42, N-47 and P-90 heads all have a block off plate in place over the bosses for mounting a mechanical pump. The P-79 has not opening in the casting for a mechanical pump at all.

So, it could in fact be a 2.8 head on the car with carbs and a mechanical pump.

I have an N-42 with a mechanical pump on the 71 (original numbers matching L-24 block) so they can be interchanged easily.

I'd say since it looks like they swapped the stock intake and exhaust manifolds over from the original engine, it's probably an N-42 or P-90 head as they would be the ones with the square exhaust ports and provisions for a mechanical pump.

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I think I found the numbers on the block. There is a little raised place that has these numbers

L26 050847

That L looks like an L, but it is curved, so I'm not possitive. Does this give any useful info?

Thanks for all the advice!

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Hmm, that's what I get for "arse"uming things huh?

That really makes it odd then, they went from the N-42 with a mechanical pump boss, to the N-47 and P79 without and yet the next head in use had one for some reason. Before the P-90 was used on the Turbo's they actually used the N-42 since it didn't have the exhaust liners...... Then they changed to the P-90's, and then the P-90A's.....

I wonder if there is a difference in the N-47's that were used on the 280's compared to the N-47's that were used on the first generation Maximas as well?

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2ManyZs -

My N47 head does have the place for the mechanical fuel pump - its just not cut out in the middle for the pump arm to go through.

The mounting bolt holes are there & taped.

- Jeff

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