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Electronic Ignition kit


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I'm in the US at the moment and bought a Petronix kit and coil. Will let you know how it goes when I fit it.

I was reading some of the posts in z section and saw they where buying reco dizzys for $125ish. So jealous of the parts prices in the U.S.

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Got my kit today, fitted it up easy as. I also replaced my dizzy with a spare one that had no play in the shaft which was probably most of my problem. Anyway kit in and set timing, had very smooth idle and still yet to drive. Plenty of pics in z section which explain it well. Only question I have is my original coil is 1.5 ohm with an external resistor of 1.6 ohm. Instructions say to leave all resistors in place but my new coil is 3 ohm so should I remove external resistor? Will hit the z section again I think. Will update when I drive it.:-)

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