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  1. Have a sectional view, and 2 disassembly pics. Hopefully one has what you're after.
  2. I have a workshop manual at home, will scan the carby pages and post them up this evening
  3. If you're thinking of selling I'm sure you will find many people interested locally. Do you have any pictures? I'd be interested
  4. I thought about heat but I think the glue was too set for it to make much of a difference. Also, unless you heat the tools you are working with and the entire assembly you run the risk of temperature differential cracking of the glass. Last thing I needed was hot glass breaking everywhere.
  5. In case anyone else wanted to know, on these old style mirrors the screw is behind the glass. The mirror is held down by glue, which is so hard by now that taking it off in one piece would be an achievement.
  6. Hi, Looking to buy a pair of early style fender mirrors, but before I commit I want to ensure it is possible to disassemble them so I can have them re-chromed. Has anyone taken a pair apart, or have a Japanese Workshop manual that may show this? Regards Ray
  7. It infuriates you that people like your car and want to buy it? I must admit, I kind of enjoy it. Just thank them for their interest and politely say it's not for sale. I've found if you're polite they are polite back. I have driven my car as a daily for almost a year now and I've had one note left on it, and 2 people offer to buy it. As YamahaCam says I don't think most people know what it is.
  8. Yahoo Japan search for tail lights: ????! - ????? ????????? If you bide your time and keep an eye out, a good deal will pop up every now and then, I got my tail lights (complete units with wiring and globes) for ~$210AUD including postage which I was happy with.
  9. All red rings were wired for tail light/brake light, however the wiring looked custom so I wouldn't say it was stock. I had the spare tail lights from the wrecked car, so merged the two harnesses as the Japanese lights had a 4 pin plug vs the 6pin one the Australian cars have. No need to get so angry there mate. I found my car by leaving a note on it asking if the owner wanted to sell, which is basically what these guys are doing. Just take it as a compliment that people like the car.
  10. Hasn't been too much to report of late, car has been serving daily duties with out a fault. In the last few weeks I seem to have been getting a lot of offers to buy it, both from "exporters" and a few guys that had them as first cars back in the day. Anyway, finally sourced a pair of lenses of YaJ, and after a bit of cleaning they are on the car. I love the look already.
  11. Hi All, Bought these badges off YaJ mistakenly thinking they would fit my 240K, now that I have them they look to be C210 emblems. I paid $100 for them not including postage. So hoping to get $100 back, to help I will post anywhere in Oz at my expense. I realise this forum is C110-centric, so pass this on to any you know may be keen. Regards Ray
  12. So all red rings are dual filament? That's what I was wondering, bit of good news. I read somewhere that the outer rings were dual filament for park/tail lights, and inner rings were solely brake lights, just wanted to check.
  13. Did you wire them up so that all the red lights are dual filament, tail lights and brake lights? I have a pair coming sometime soon and that's the plan
  14. I remember finding these on YaJ auctions Import Monster | View CUSCO GC110 The part number is 226 410A, chase up a Cusco dealer near you and see if they can find something? Distributor Distributor English page CUSCO
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