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Here is something every Serious Z Enthusiast should be a part of!


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This is something we as S30 enthusiasts should get fully behind, it will be bringiing the 240Z back into the lime light and the media...some of our own community are getting John Morton back in the saddle, to repeat and beat history, this is your chance to be a part of it... I am 100% behind this, and I hope to see you there!



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I wish him luck and safety and fun.

I only will say this. Coming back for fun is wonderful and should be encouraged and respected! Coming back to try to be as good as you use to be, only serves to tarnish who you were should you not live up to expectations.

People have the gaul to say Michael Schumacher may not have been as good as he was because he did not dominate in the Mercedes when he came back. I like to laugh in their faces.

Have fun John Morton, I will cheer for you. But be careful! Fans are a ruthless bunch.

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John Morton is the reason I bought my first Z in 1970. I watched him blow the competition away at Road Atlanta.......it was awesome. Can't wait to see him again, and if Sam is building the car, it should be a heads up competition between him and Greg! This is great!

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Could someone please post the schedule, or just let us know when & where Mr. Morton will be competing? Some people may not have the wealth to give, but may be willing to support by giving some time to turn on the TV.

You could always pitch in with some support by buying a T-shirt or a commemorative bumper sticker or decal? *hint, hint*

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"On behalf of my brother Steve Bonk:"

"Datsun/Nissan and John Morton fans this is truly remarkable news! I need your help to make this happen! SCCA is inviting past National Champions back to race for their 50th anniversary in 2013. What that means, is that as long as we have a car for John he gets to race automatically. Sam Neave from LNA enterprises is building the car. That takes money! The 240Z has been started. But Sam and I can not cover the cost of the whole project. We have been given a LSD from Riley Curtis at Lynchburg Nissan already, but we need a pedal box, seat, wheels, tires, etc. I will be working on a way to make donations for this project (probably Kickstarter). We will have $25 donation opportunities up to.... Fans that donate $200 will get their name on the car and a limited edition crew shirt signed by John. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks!"


http://www.lnaenterprises.com/morton Car build

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