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Buying parts from RockAuto - risks?


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So I'm going down my list of various items that I need to purchase now or eventually for my restoration. I went through the usual suspects (MSA, ZCarSource, etc), and then I went digging on RockAuto. I've bought small bits from them over the past year or so, and for the most part they're pretty good, but when it comes to more important functional pieces (see below) I'm wondering what other's experiences are with ordering their parts.

Particularly, I'm looking at the stuff like

Reman loaded brake calipers:

More Information for CENTRIC 14242012

More Information for RAYBESTOS RC3028

Reman master brake cylinder

More Information for CENTRIC 13042601

More Information for DORMAN M96583

Reman distributor

Product Detail

I'm trying to get a general sense as to if these parts are well-fitting parts, or if they're really a "you get what you pay for" sort of deal...at least when compared to pricing at Black Dragon, MSA, ZCarSource, etc.

Thoughts? Thanks guys!

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RockAuto is just a distributor. Nothing to do with products quality.

The quality is up to the OEM vendor.

Well, yes...I guess my question was, when it comes to ordering parts from RockAuto, has anyone had experiences where the parts were wrong or didn't fit...particularly for the 240z? For example, I ordered outer tie rods from them a couple years back, and one was completely wrong. I re-ordered from a different mfr (still from RockAuto) and it was still the wrong part, so I gave up and got it elsewhere.

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I buy lots of parts from Rockauto. Look at the items and the vendors. they sort their items by cheap, daily driver, better. Also parts that have good feedback have a red heart by them. If you buy parts from major vendors like Cardone, Raybestos, Wagner, ACdelco etc. You will be getting parts as good or better than any local parts store. Also some of the items from Black Dragon are probably the same vendor. Best I can tell Cardone is the only supplier of Reman brake boosters so if you find one for sale it is probably from them whether its Rock auto or Black dragon


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I buy stuff from Rockauto all the time, never been screwed over. Just gotta know what you're shopping for.

THIS is the EXACT truth. If you order the wrong part - what you pay in the shipping back and forth will make the price more expensive than having gotten it through a local vendor. Also, they pick and ship from warehouses all over the states, so shipping can vary piece by piece - and even day to day, depending on who has stock.

After a few experiences with Rock Auto I went back to the specialist places, like Black Dragon for 240's, MAC's for Fords, etc.....

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I ordered a radiator for my 75 280Z thru Rock Auto and I received a unit for a 77-78 model. One wouldn't think there's a difference, but there is. I was able to modify it to fit, but now I think twice prior to ordering. My friend received a ball joint for some other Datsun when he ordered one for his '72. Rock Auto isn't bad, but like someone else said, you really need to know what you are looking for prior to placing an order...and sometimes that doesn't even matter at all.

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Like others have said, double check everything before you hit the Confirm Order button. I ordered some outer tie rods as well and it had the wrong jam nut with it. A few emails back and forth and another was sent to me free of charge with very quick turn around. Rock Auto is great for things that your local parts store can't get or costs 2x+ the price. However, do your due diligence and shop around. I got some very good quality reman front calipers from Advance Auto Parts for $25 each. Combine that with the specials they run if you buy online and they come out to like $20 each. When I can I always buy online, get my discount, and pick up at the store on my way home from work.

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