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    I've owned 240Z's since I was 18 (30 years!). My first car was a 510, then I got the bug. In 1995 I built my now wife a racer. She wanted to learn and I had the money, fab skills and marketing ability. Built her a fully sponsored, fully supported ride which she raced in Vancouver BC, at WestWood Raceway. Today, while we sold the racer to a guy who still races in Manitoba, Canada I am about to restore the "parts car"....this is an all-original 1971 240Z, purchased in 1995 for $500.00. I drove it to work for a couple years and would have used it for parts, had we ever needed any! It has the orig

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  1. Hi Dan - I hear ya! I've been oggling the nice job you did on yours! I can't wait to one day be in the same postion! You did a great job for sure. But, as you said, I built a couple cars for other people, y'know, to pay the bills....which put my projects ona bit of a hold. I did however get some work done on the suspension and had the tank sandblasted so I could do some repairs to it and apply some POR15.... Even when I'm only working on my own stuff, I end up splitting my time between several projects at any one time! Aside from the 240Z, I have also been updating my 67 Galaxie,
  2. Thanks Wheeel. Unfortunately, our Z has been sleeping under a large cover for the past year. It's not that I haven't been busy, but not on the Z. In the interim, I've restored and modded a 40 Ford showcar and am just finsihing up a kick-arse show-quality 68 Camaro. If interested, you can see all the work done on my blog at www.E-tekRestorations.blogspot.ca One things for sure: with it's new paint, boxes of new parts and all the running gear restored, when I get back to finishing the Z it'll be an absolute pleasure to work on. I can't wait....but will have to.
  3. Goings on at the E-tek Rodshop With the 40 Ford gone, I hope to have more time to get something done on the Z... I've posted this photo before, but now the story of why it's still sitting here - ! The mounting points are currently occupied by the rotisserie bars - so I have to jack/lift/hold the front end to remove the rotisserie then attach the suspension! Oh brother.
  4. Thanks Bart. Pretty slow site though - eh?! I know we gotta post and support it though!
  5. Interior looks awesome Dan. Any updates? I posted some of my rear susp. teardown. Looking forward to getting the 40 Ford outta my shop so I can concentrate on it!
  6. I have a Reznor forced air natural gas up in the corner. I keeps the shop 5C all the time, then I turn it up to 12C when I'm in there - plenty warm for working and doesn't cost much to run. Now if I could just spend more time on my own cars.... The hatch and vinyl work looks AWESOME - so clean! Is that new vinyl, or the original stuff? I have new carpet but will try to re-use m vinyl. Are you going to keep those tires, or go with something with a newer edge?
  7. DAILY USE?!?! Surely you jest! We have 6 cars and 4 only see summer use. The Z will get a rip a couple times a week at most. As for the painted bits holding up, I really enjoy the process of restoration and treat them like full-sized models. Not too concerned if the paint wears once done - I'll just touch it up again!
  8. As I am getting closer to bolting some items up to the car, I wanted to reverse the overspray on the undersides, so another coat of Rust Bullet was in order: then i pulled in all rear end suspension parts out of the storage shed and brought them into the shop. I tell ya - metal at minus 30C goes through the gloves - FAST! :ogre:
  9. No, it's a gold shade I found that is close, but actually covers! Eastwood's Cad system is 3 paints plus a clear. I used it on a brake booster for a 74 Challenger and it turned out great, but it's picky work that take a while - and maybe a couple tries - to get right. If you're on your way through by all means, look me up, there's always lots going on in m shop. My home phone is 306.665.1908
  10. Thanks! I CAN ONLY HOPE....and keep plugging away!
  11. Details, details.... Hoping to get the frond end bolted up tomorrow, then I can start detailing the rear end.
  12. Got the brakes and spindles completely rebuilt, just working on the last bits before being able to bolt it all up to the car:
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