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Six Carbs


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I'm asking this because I've head of a guy with a 4 carb. Mini Cooper S, so.... why not a 240Z with 6 carbs?.

I was even thinking of the possibility of motorcycle carbs on such an outfit...

Anyway..., are those 3 carbs much better then a 2 carb engine?

How do they compare?

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Scott Bruning at Z Therapy is rumored to be testing an L6 with six SU carbs on it. I think he's just doing it for fun.

The two carb SU setup Nissan designed for the L6 works very well to about 250 crank horsepower. Above that you need to run fuel-injection or triple Webers.

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That's cool!!! 250 HPs!!!!! I guess that would be enough!

What special setup would I need to squeeze all that juice from the good old L6?

And what about triple Webbers? How could this be done? How much HP can I get from such a setup?

Thanks in advance for the help!!

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I got two set's of Mukuni carbs -8 carbs total from a motorcycle junkyard, they gave them to me...I was playing with the idea of bolting them up to a Z as they had the right CC displacement...chickened out though. Never seen anyone do it, but it would be very cool. We have a 66 Honda w/4 Mukuni carbs and it sounds beautiful.

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