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    How many ZZZAP 280Z cars were made?

    Now is the time. 1977 Datsun 280Z
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    Charlotte SCCA

    Eastland Mall Auto-X 4.14.02
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    #6 Z owned...Picked this beauty up in Virginia two weeks ago, clean car, just replaced the struts this weekend (KYB) but other than that, it's very clean. Love those BRE style weels (Americian Racing). Headers, 72 carbs 4spd.- It even has factory AM/FM raido that works!
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    Hi All, well here's some additional pics of her. She's doing real good these days. Put a new starter on and new battery cables. Check out my website http://mike-foreman.tripod.com/260Z/index.htm
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    Rocker Arm off, smoking engine!

    Question, my motor was smoking I looked at the plugs and #3 was covered with oil, all others looked good. I found that the rocker arm for the intake was completely off the valve spring!!! So, why would oil leak down and should I pull the head and get it checked out? What are your thoughts? Burned Valve? Rings can't be washed out because intake was closed...Help!!
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    Rocker Arm off, smoking engine!

    I pulled the head, ordered a new cam from motorsport...the springs seem to be ok, but a few of the valve seats were worn and one was completely loose-fell off when disassembled (valves). New pads, rocker arms and a new valve job...hoping to get it back together next week. I suspect there was some valve float and improper adjustment, but I am taking care of all the top end for now. The bottom end 'seems' to be in good shape...although I would like to match the E88 head to a L28 block this summer
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    Purchased for 2500. Very good deal in the condition it's in.
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    Interrior-all stock
  11. I just bought a early 74 260. The struts were shot, so I replaced them this weekend. The car looked lowered, but I wasn't sure if the previous owners cut the springs or what. I pulled them out and found Yellow springs behind the krylon paint job they had. Any idea who makes or made yellow springs? The car sits at 24 inches from ground to top of fender well. Thanks
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    Six Carbs

    I got two set's of Mukuni carbs -8 carbs total from a motorcycle junkyard, they gave them to me...I was playing with the idea of bolting them up to a Z as they had the right CC displacement...chickened out though. Never seen anyone do it, but it would be very cool. We have a 66 Honda w/4 Mukuni carbs and it sounds beautiful.

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