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Chrome Surrounding Openings for Tail Lights on Rear Valence


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I have some questions on the rear valence surrounding the tail lights that some one here no doubt has the answers - Of my three 240Zs, one 1971 has a thin chrome strip on the valence openings that surround the tail lights and the other 1971 and the 1972 do not have these chrome strips. Did all cars come with the thin chrome strips around the openings and two of my cars are missing them? Where would I acquire a set of these chrome strips?

Hopefully this makes some sense.

Thanks for your help


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Jerry and Newton,

I'm a little confused. (many will say that that is not exactly breaking news):)

I thought that the bright trim that the poster is talking about is an integral part of the rear panel itself, and not a separate piece. Can these actually be separated from the panel? I'd love to have mine refinished if that's the case.


Dazed and Confused


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Dear D&D:

Yes they are separate. I've pryed a set off once just to see if I could, as I was painting the panels gray, and didn't want to mask off those tiny strips. they are just a 'U'. Careful replacement was nessessary, and the tips had to be re-crimped to grab again. Go play?

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Good idea - LOL Also keep the trim matched with the same panel. They are ever so slightly different and go on much easier if put back on the panel they came off of. I start in the lower left corner - and put the corner in, then continue on around making sure the corners are fully seated as you go. If you are lucky, the two ends will match up at the bottom in the center. I use a small rubber mallet to seat them fully in the corners.


Carl B.

Edited by Carl Beck
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You've received some excellent advice on how to remove the SS taillight trim on the rear panel. Let me offer a contrasting viewpoint.

If you plan on polishing the trim, it is best done while it is still firmly mounted on the panel. Once off the panel, the trim will be very bendy and hard to control while polishing. The likelihood of getting a crimp while handling it is very high. Others have already raised the risks you face in the reinstall process. A polish such as Simichrome by Happich is excellent for the trim.

If you are going to refinish the rear panel pieces, masking off the SS trim is easily accomplished. Some patience, a good quality painter's tape, and a hobby knife will ensure you have all trim covered and all painted areas exposed.

Just a comment from the loyal opposition! ;)



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