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    I had a 1973 240Z way back when that rusted out from under me. After many classic cars, am now back into the wonderful 240Z - I am in the process of restoring a 1971 240Z from the southern US - rust free. Putting in a built up L28, 5 speed, Wildwood disc brakes all round, Quaife LS rearend, Rota RBR 17", etc.. No body mods or interior changes. She should be done in the Spring. Well, the bug has me now - just bought 2 more 240s - a yellow 1971 one owner car - will be restoring this one next - and a Lime 1972 California/Arizona car - super clean.Just sold the 1972 to a very happy fella.

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  1. Chris, I don't believe that the Hemmings auctions have started yet. They announced that they were coming soon and the details look very similar to the BAT auction site. There's an auction for a 77 280Z on the BAT site that ends today - it may give you an idea what such an auction brings for $$$$. You can also go through the Hemmings listings for similar Zs as yours and arrive at a selling price for your Z for the on-line add. Remember, when selling , we northern folk get an advantage with the dollar exchange. Not so much when we want to buy. cheers
  2. As mentioned, I sold the silver 71 Z restomod through Hemmings to a great buyer in Houston. The on-line version allows for loads of space to describe your ride, as well as multiple pics. Good luck with the sale. Hank
  3. Perfect. Thanks so much gentlemen. She will be complete once more.
  4. Ladies and gents, I have once more come to you for your assistance. I have a restored 1971 240Z and the original carb pre-heater duct hose (the hose that travels from the manifold to the underside of the orange air cleaner to pre-heat the air for the carbs in colder weather) has ripped and is on its way to total disintegration. Where do I get a replacement for this hose ? Thanks in advance for your guidance. Hank
  5. Hank240

    Z Barn

    I have had the privilege of touring this amazing space full of Z cars and related goodies. Truly amazing.
  6. I've used Mackie Transport, out of Oshawa I believe. They deliver the car to your door in a covered trailer and take care of all of the border paperwork. Not cheap but well worth it in my opinion. I've never had any issues with the company. Congrats on the new Z. Hank
  7. Absolutely amazing job on this beautiful beast Chris. I cannot wait to experience the finished product in person. Congrats.
  8. Its actually a kidney and part of the liver, but the dash looks great.
  9. That's a mighty fine looking piece. To correctly orient my shifter knob, I used steel washers under the knob until it tightened down to my preferred orientation. Works great.
  10. Jerry, I will echo Dennis' comments - Just Dashes is the way to go. I sent my 1971 dash from Ontario, Canada to Just Dashes in California - it came back like a new dash - very happy. cheers Hank
  11. Thanks for the info - I'll give it a try. cheers
  12. What product did you use to remove the old glue? Thanks
  13. Looks great Chris - looking forward to seeing the finished beast.
  14. Gents - I head out to Nova Scotia every year - can play ??
  15. PM sent with address. $15 sent via paypal. thanks
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