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Tension rod bucket replacement


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Hi guys,

I am working on replacing my frame rails from the firewall forward. Since the tension rod buckets are mounted to these I will have to either reuse my old ones or get new ones. Does anyone offer these? I'd rather not reuse my old ones as one was from a 280 and the other from a 240...they are different. Not to mention I have caused significant damage to the 240 one when i was trying to remove it without destroying the fenderwell. If you have any ideas or a spare set laying around somewhere I'd be interested to hear about it. Most likely I'll end up fabricating a new set thou. Thanks

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theczchone, you might what to build your own, I have not seen any new. It's kind of a box with out a top right ? 2 sides and a bottom. I do not have my Z here but you should be able to cut cardboard out and piece them togather I guess....How think are they ?

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They are 4mm thick. There is a fabrication shop here close so I might see if he'd make them for me and how much he'd charge. I will make a proper engineering drawing for the part and most likely redesign the whole thing, because the original part is stamped metal.

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Does anyone have a 240z parts car they would be willing to cut this out for me?


I need the passenger side tension rod bucket. If you can help me, please let me know, I missing this part on my car. Just let me know how much. Thanks

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