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  1. Try your local parts store. I just checked O'reilly's and they have a part that looks like your part. It's called an emission check valve...I do not know what parts places you have in Panama however.
  2. Norton has not said a peep about this site....How old is your version...
  3. Something differnent, not the how use other equipment but the really real deal how to test OUR (Nissan) Transistor Ignition System. And not just a copy of the FSM but the rare and not seen(until I bought it) Manual...I do not know how to scan, copy and publish this manual (Yes I can make photocopies) but doing everything else ???????....That's why I'm here to find out how to do so. This is to ensure that people(like me) who own the 260Z and maybe the 280Z learn how to test and trouble shoot the ignition system with out anything other than an mulitmeter or an O scope. The other manuals either say use our test box(Nissan shop manual) or say can not be tested by you ( Haynes etc). Not some other stuff you can not find outside of a Dealer or Japan...This maybe be of some use to people other than just myself....Who until very recently , I was going to fit the 280ZX distributor on my 260Z with Auto trans and A/C.....Not something that can be made to work really easy or well.....
  4. Hello, ZCar guys, I have a copy of the service manual that I want to post a copy of, how do I do it ? This is the manual that allows you to test and repair the ignition system for the 260Z and maybe the early 280Z. Note, the other Service Manuals do not have this testing info, they use the ultra rare test box(Dealer only), not how to test the system with a mulitmeter or O scope....This is the reason at first that I was going to change the 260Z system for the later 280ZX system....Now I may not have to....
  5. theczchone, you might what to build your own, I have not seen any new. It's kind of a box with out a top right ? 2 sides and a bottom. I do not have my Z here but you should be able to cut cardboard out and piece them togather I guess....How think are they ?
  6. Looks good , I'm getting ready to start on my 260Z. One thing I noticed is you used plug welds instead of spot welds. Have you seen the new M.I.G. attachment from Eastwood.It let's you spot weld with a M.I.G. instead of plug welds . I have an arc welder with the spot welder set up that I'm going to use. Spot weldes are what these cars are made of, and of course lot's of seam sealer as well. Also good job on using clelcos that's what they are made for, IE holding metal parts before riviting or welding.....As an airframer in the Navy once I saw them I never looked back ,drill/punch holes and cleco in place. And then one at a time spot weld until done....No clamps or screws just one and done per spot.
  7. Try plummers putty it is used to seal around pipes and is not sticky so once it's in place it should stay in place. And it's easy to remove.
  8. Note the windshield is listed for a Nissan not a Datsun......Most auto glass places do not know the difference. Try having them do a search that way......
  9. There are alot of 280ZX timing tables however at rockauto they have a vacumn advance for a automatic that I might buy...From some of the charts of timing tables I've seen the 280ZX N/A automatic motors just had a different advance so I might go that route..Remember this is still a back up plan....With junk yard parts....The spark boxes are still around but a 1000.00 or so hell no at least on blackdragon auto parts.....
  10. Cool thanks for the info, Zed Head and Captain Obvious , like I said I'm gathering parts and the 280ZX had the parts I might need....I wonder though after reading the Datsun 260Z manual has any one made their own test for the iginiton box being the test box is not seen out side a dealership....As for using the GM HEI module that might work as well. Or taking the vacumn advance system and placing it on the 280ZX distributor with the wiring for the switch...One other question is did the 280ZX have a different disributor for the automatic in the first place ?
  11. LeonV, I'm just getting parts, the car has not been run for years.....The current system might be fine however it's nice to have a back up....The control for the distributor might not be working, these boxes have had problems over the years....Cold solder joints etc...Right now the prior owner said it would not start.....The 260Z had that one off system as far as I know IE very spendy to replace the 280ZX not so much.....I just want to get the work done to this car and enjoy it......I should get the sheet metal I need for XMAS and I get the other stuff sorted out...The 280ZX distributor was only $30.00 or so and it should work...I have heard of others doing this swap.....
  12. Hello as the title says I'm getting ready to change out the1974 260Z distributor to a 280ZX. The 260Z is an automatic. What other changes I need to make in order to ensure the swap works. I still need the coil and to change to a 12-80 vice 12-92 ? ?What else is needed IE add wiring to the neutral start switch etc....I have searched...
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